Russia: Kamchatka PDA territory expanded to construct new GOKs

The borders of the Kamchatka priority development area have been extended. 12 new land plots have been added to its territory. There investors intend to construct mining and processing works to develop gold and silver deposits. The company Ametistovoye will construct a mine and modernize its gold-extracting factory. Kamchatskoye Zoloto will develop the Zolotoye, Kungurtsevskoye…


Russia: nickel export revenue up in January-September 2018

In January-September the export of Russian raw nickel totaled 101.8 thousand tons valued at $1366 million.

The export volumes fell by 1.5%, while revenue grew by 36.1% YoY.

In September the average price was $11646 per ton FOB, up by 4.8% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: gas consumption up in January-October 2018

In January-October Ukrainian metal companies increased gas consumption by 9% YoY, to 1.52 billion cubic meters.

In October gas consumption totaled some 140 million cubic meters, down by 7% MoM.

In 10 months electricity consumption grew by 8%, to 9.8 billion kW-h. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Gazprom signs deal to buy 41 billion rubles of large-diameter pipes

Gazprom Komplektatsiya, a subsidiary of Gazprom, has signed a 41.2-billion ruble direct contract to buy 500,000 tons of large-diameter pipes from an undisclosed supplier, according to a document published on the government’s website for disclosure of data on state procurements. The contractor is to deliver the pipes before April 30, 2021. Gazprom Komplektatsiya announced five…


Russia: ZEMZ finishes large-scale reconstruction project

On November 19 ZEMZ put into operation a new site of Bosio thermal furnaces.

The site has 5 thermal furnaces with the maximum temperature of up to 10 thousand degrees C.

The furnaces will be used to heat rounds, squares and slabs.

The average monthly output of each furnace will be 900 tons. (Ukrainian metal)