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Ukraine: ferroalloys output down in January-July 2020

In January-July, Ukraine produced 494.3 thousand tons of ferroalloys, down by 18.1% YoY. In 7 months, Nikopol and Zaporozhye Ferroalloy Plants (NZF and ZZF) decreased silicomanganese output by 23.9%, to 374.4 thousand tons. NZF, ZZF and Kramatorsk Ferroalloy Plant (KFZ) increased ferromanganese production by 77.9%, to 84.6 thousand tons, with KFZ producing 34.09 thousand tons.…


Uzbekistan: gold exports up in July 2020

In January-July, Uzbekistan exported $3.2 billion worth of gold. The share of gold in exports, according to the State Statistics Committee, reached 40%. A sharp increase was recorded in July – $1.1 billion. In January-June, exports amounted to $2.1 billion. In 5 years exports have increased many-fold. Thus, in 2015 Uzbekistan exported $823.9 million worth…


Ukraine: terrorists admit Russia takes metal from occupied Donbass

The so-called authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a terrorist organization created and supported by Russia, have admitted that Russia is illegally taking tons of metal from the occupied Donbass. According to the ministry of industry and trade, in H1 the unrecognized republic “exported” 802,584 tons of industrial products valued at almost 19 million Russian…


Ukraine: SevGOK to spend 2.3 billion UAH on environment protection

This year, Severniy Mining and Processing Works intends to invest 2.3 billion UAH in environment measures. In particular, the company will continue looking for efficient ways to protect environment. “This time we have successfully tested a peat hydroxide reagent while carrying out explosive works in the Annovsky quarry. Dust emission decreased by 30% and gas…