Ukraine: UMCC to order half a billion UAH worth of transport services

The subsidiaries of the United Mining and Chemical Company have announced their intention to conclude 8 agreements with United Global Logistic LLC for the transportation services valued at 483.84 million UAH. This year Irshansk Mining and Processing Works is ordering railroad transportation and processing of cargo at 283.02 million UAH, and Volnogorsk Mining and Processing…

Ukraine: UMCC net profit down in January-September 2018

In January-September the United Mining and Chemical Company received 423.079 million UAH of net profit, down by 27.8% YoY.

EBITDA decreased by 26.7%, to 524.351 million UAH.

At the same time net income grew by 18.3%, to 2.549 billion UAH.

Undistributed profit as of late September totaled 297.083 million UAH. (Ukrainian metal)