Ukraine: coal imports up in January-August 2018

In January-August Ukraine imported 14.164 million tons of coal, up by 26.3% YoY, valued at $1.976 billion, up by 17.3%. According to the State Fiscal Service, Russia supplied $1.238 billion worth of coal (62.67%), USA – $600.05 million (30.36%), Canada – $86.93 million (4.4%) and other countries – $50.84 million (2.57%). In 8 months Ukraine…

Russia: coal output to increase

By 2025 coal enterprises have to reach the annual output of 560 million tons, up from the forecast volume of 460 million tons. According to the minister of energy Alexander Novak, this goal could be reached with some 1 trillion rubles of private investments. The Ministry of Energy believes that due to this Russia will…

Ukraine: anthracite to be replaced with gas coal

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman has said that Ukraine should fully refuse from anthracite and increase the production of gas coal. “Ukrainian anthracite coal is in occupation area in Ukrainian Donbas. We have to do everything to refuse from anthracite and increase the production of gas coal as much as we can,” Groysman said…

Tajikistan: coal output up in 2018

As of August 24, 988 thousand tons of coal have been produced, up by 67 thousand tons YoY. According to the Ministry of industry and new technologies, this year Tajikistan intends to produce 1.9 million tons of coal. The country has 14 coal deposits. Coal exports so far have reached 27 thousand tons valued at…

Ukraine: Belozerskoye Mine Group commissions new long face

The Belozerskoye Mine Group (Donetsk region) has put into operation the 5th northern long face at the Novodonetskaya mine.

The coal reserves total 2 million tons.

The face will provide miners with enough work for the next 18 months.

The length of the face is 300 meters. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coal extraction up in July 2018

Ukraine’s extraction of coal rose by 1.1% YoY, to 2.64 million tons in July from 2.61 million tons in July 2017 and from 2.55 million tons in June, the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry reported. Extraction of thermal coal in July increased by 7.7%, to 2.22 million tons from 2.06 million tons in July 2017,…

Russia: one killed and one injured in Sverdlovsk region mine collapse

The Severopeschanskaya coal mine in Sverdlovsk region town of Krasnoturyinsk collapsed on August 15 killing one miner and injuring another, a spokesperson for the Emergency Ministry’s local branch reported.

The injured miner was delivered to hospital, but refused to be hospitalized.

The mine is operating in its usual mode. (Prime/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: coal output up in Chukotka

In January-July Chukotka Autonomous District mined 364 thousand tons of coal, up by 41%. Beringpromugol LLC has contributed the most to the output increase. In 7 months the company mined 304.3 thousand tons of coal, up 2.3-fold YoY. Shakhta Ugolnaya decreased coal output by 43%, to 59.8 thousand tons. Last year the region yielded 445…

Russia: Primorskugol net profit up in 2017

Last year Primorskugol LLC received 871 million rubles of net profit, up 5-fold YoY (163 million rubles).

In 2015 the company net profit reached 1.27 billion rubles.

Revenue in 2017 grew by 21% YoY, to 6.304 billion rubles.

Coal output increased by 4.5%, to 3.6 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: more coal purchased from the aggressor

Ukraine increases coal purchasing from Russia despite the public anti-Russian mood of the high-rank officials. In January-June Russia accounted for 63% of coal supplies to Ukraine, the largest volume in the past 4 years. The share of coal in the overall imports reached 6%, while Ukraine has 4% of the world coal reserves. This year…

Kazakhstan: coal price up in EKR

The price of coal has more than doubled and amounted to 17,000 tenges in some areas of the East Kazakhstan region. “Its growth for the end user is significantly influenced by railway tariffs and surcharges of intermediary organizations. The main volume of coal for municipal consumers is sold through the commodity exchange,” Kazakh Energy Ministry…

Russia: coal output up in Primorye region in H1 2018

In January-June Primorye region mined 4.33 million tons of coal, up by 9% YoY.

In particular, brown coal output totaled 4.03 million tons and bituminous coal – 0.3 million tons.

This year the region intends to mine 8 million tons of brown coal and 0.5 million tons of bituminous coal. (Ukrainian metal)