Ukraine: NCC to start operating in 2-3 months

The Ministry of energy and coal industry reports that the state enterprise National Coal Company will begin full-scale operation in 2-3 months. According to the deputy minister Anatoly Korzun, the enterprise will optimize the structure of the coal industry management and considerably improve financial conditions of mines. The company will unite 19 state enterprises containing…

Tajikistan: coal output up in January-April 2018

In January-April Tajikistan mined some 268 thousand tons of coal. According to the Ministry of industry and new technologies, preliminary needs of industrial enterprises in coal in 2018 amount to 920 thousand tons, of budget organizations – 57.2 thousand tons, heat and thermal power plant Dushanbe-2 and boiler houses – 1.245 million tons. So far…

Ukraine: coking coal provision down in April 2018

In April Ukrainian by-product coke enterprises received 1.12 million tons of coking coals, down by 18% MoM. In particular, Ukraine-produced coal deliveries totaled 0.24 million tons, down by 4%, and imported – 0.88 million tons, down by 21%. In January-April by-product coke plants received 4.74 million tons of coal, down by 1% YoY, including 1.02…

Ukraine: coal imports up in April 2018

In April coal imports increased by 21.1% YoY, or by $42.484 million, to $243.788 million, while exports dropped by 99.7%, or by $6.636 million, to $0.019 million. According to the State Fiscal Service, Russia was the main supplier of coal ($171.08 million). In January-April coal imports grew by 30.3% YoY, or by $233.424 million, to…

Ukraine: coalmining licenses suspended

The State Service of Geology and Subsoil Use has suspended special permits to mine coal of the Mine “Rossiya” LLC and the Mine 1-3 Novogrodovskaya LLC. The basis for the suspension of the permits is the violation of two clauses of the “Ukrainian Subsoil Code”. The service has given the companies 10 days to set…

Russia: Zabaykalye region coal output down in January-April 2017

In January-April Zabaykalye region shipped 7.186 million tons of coal, down by 7.6% YoY.

According to the regional ministry of natural resources, in January-April 2017 7.777 million tons of coal were shipped from coal deposits.

In 2017 the region mined 21.3 million tons of coal. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Kuzbassrazrezugol to increase investments in 2018

This year Kuzbassrazrezugol will spend over 16 billion rubles on the development of its manufacturing capacities, as well as social programs in the Kemerovo region. Last year the company invested 15.6 billion rubles, including 14.6 billion rubles in development, and 311.5 million rubles in state and regional social programs. This year industrial investments will grow…

Russia: coal and ferrous metals throughput in seaports up in January-April 2018

In January-April the throughput of Russian seaports totaled 260.1 million tons, up by 3.7% YoY.

According to the Association of Sea Trade Ports of Russia, coal throughput grew by 3.4%, to 49 million tons, and ferrous metals – by 11.1%, to 10.8 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: coal mining in Chukotka up in January-April 2018

In January-April Chukotka Autonomous District mined 225.8 thousand tons of coal, up by 13.2% YoY.

Beringpromugol and Ugolnaya Mine are the main coalmining companies in the region.

In particular, this year Beringpromugol intends to mine 600 thousand tons of coal.

Last year the region yielded 445.3 thousand tons of coal. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Krasnolimanskaya mine included in the privatization list

The state enterprise Krasnolimanskaya Coal Company (Donetsk region) has been included in the list of 26 enterprises to be privatized, as approved by the government.

The enterprise is subject to the Ministry of energy and coal industry and is being privatized under the decree “On the peculiarities of privatization of coalmining enterprises”. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: coal mining up in April 2018

In April Russia mined 35.32 million tons of coal, up by 5.8% YoY, while exports increased by 0.7%, to 15.34 million tons. Deliveries to the domestic market grew by 17.5%, to 15.1 million tons. Imports dropped by 12.7% YoY, to 1.58 million tons. SUEK mined 9.2 million tons of coal, down by 1.2%, Kuzbassrazrezugol –…

Ukraine: coal imports up in January-April 2018

In January-April Ukraine imported 7.437 million tons of coal valued at $1.004 billion, up by 53.9% and by 30.3% YoY respectively. According to the State Fiscal Service, Russia supplied $643.58 million worth of coal (64.08% in the total imports), USA – $288.411 million (28.72%), Canada – $48.365 million (4.82%), and other countries – $24.003 million…

Russia: Magadan region coal output up in Q1 2018

In January-March Magadan region mined 223.3 thousand tons of coal, up 1.8-fold YoY.

Kolyma Coal Company LLC, developing the Verkhne-Arkagalinskoye deposits, has provided for 70% of the total volume.

In 2017 Magadan region coal enterprises decreased mining by 16.7% YoY, to 330.9 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: coal exports up in January-April 2018

Export of Russian coal in January-April increased by 5% YoY, to 59.657 million tons, the Ministry of Energy said.

In April coal exports totaled 15.347 million tons.

Coal mining in January-April amounted to 140.611 million tons of which 125.228 million tons were delivered. (PortNews/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Nakhodka coal terminal operation stopped

The operation of the Port Eastern Gates – Primorye Works in Nakhodka was suspended following the checks on April 28.

It was found out that the company was handling coal without the permission to pollute air.

The checks followed the complaints of Nakhodka citizens on coal dust originating from coal handling. (Ukrainian metal)