Ukraine: pipe exports up in September 2018

In September Ukraine exported $70.387 million worth of steel pipes, up by 42.2% YoY. According to the State Fiscal Service, imports dropped by 4.5%, to $12.399 million. US saw the largest exports – $9.615 million. In January-September pipe exports grew by 39.9%, to $554.955 million, while imports – by 46.2%, to $123.547 million. In August…

Russia: 33-meter seamless pipes of unique steel to be produced

The Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy named after Bardin has developed a unique corrosion-resistant austenitic steel grade and the technique to produce 33-meter seamless pipes of it.

At present this technology has no analogues in the world.

Metal companies – Electrostal, Ruspolymet, Volzshky and Sinarsky Pipe Works – participated in the development. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: steel pipes exports to Russia up in January-July 2018

In January-July Kazakhstan exported 99.6 thousand tons of steel pipes to Russia, up by 102.2% YoY.

This is also just 9% below the whole last year result.

According to the customs statistics, deliveries from Kazakhstan account for 31.4% of all the Russian steel pipe imports. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: steel pipes exports up in January-July 2018

In January-July Russia exported 1.63 million tons of steel pipes valued at $1830 million, up by 47% and by 93.6% YoY respectively.

According to the customs statistics, Finland imported the most – 26%, up 10-fold YoY.

Turkey increased imports 12-fold, to 17.7%, while Kazakhstan decreased by 2.2%, to 13%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: OCTG pipe market in 2018 to grow

In 2017 Russia witnessed a considerable increase in the consumption of the Oil Country Tubular Goods (casing, drilling and compressor-pump pipes). In particular, consumption grew by 12% YoY, to 2.3 million tons. This year the demand for OCTG pipes will continue growing. The main driver of the demand increase will be the growing length of…

Russia: corrosion-resistant pipes imports from Kazakhstan up in H1 2018

In January-June Russia imported 15.2 thousand tons of seamless corrosion-resistant steel pipes from Kazakhstan, up 50-fold YoY.

Moreover the result of the whole 2017 has been exceeded 4.5-fold.

Kazakhstan accounts for some 60% of all Russian imports of these products.

Pipes for oil and gas pipelines represent the major part of imports. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: pipe exports up in H1 2018

In January-June Russia exported 1.45 million tons of pipes valued at $1651 million, up by 53.3% and by 103.4% YoY respectively. Finland imported 27% of pipes, up by 5% YoY. Turkey increased imports 12-fold, to 19.7%. Kazakhstan decreased imports by 4.8% YoY, to 12%. 97% of pipes imported by Turkey and Finland are large diameter…

Russia: corrosion-resistant seamless pipes imports up in January-May 2018

In January-May, according to the customs statistics, imports of seamless pipes of corrosion-resistant steel totaled 22.1 thousand tons valued at $61 million, up 2.9-fold and 1.6-fold YoY respectively.

This is the largest volume of imports in the past 7 years.

The main supplier is Kazakhstan (60%), followed by China (19%) and Ukraine (5%). (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: used pipes shadow market still large

According to Igor Malyshev, director of the Fund of pipe industry development, the pipe market is still facing the problem of quality dumping, indicated by a growth of faked products sales, in particular, used pipes, which are sold as new under forged documents. The volume of the shadow market is considerable – over 1 million…

Russia: ChTPZ and TMK pipes demand falling

In 2017 the market of large diameter pipes saw a considerable fall. Chelyabinsk Pipe Works and Pipe Metallurgical Company were left almost without orders. According to ChTPZ, the demand for LDP (530 to 1420 mm) decreased by 25%. In 2016 Russia sold 2.1 million tons of pipes, while in 2017 – 1.6 million tons. Analysts…