Russia: used pipes shadow market still large

According to Igor Malyshev, director of the Fund of pipe industry development, the pipe market is still facing the problem of quality dumping, indicated by a growth of faked products sales, in particular, used pipes, which are sold as new under forged documents. The volume of the shadow market is considerable – over 1 million…

Russia: ChTPZ and TMK pipes demand falling

In 2017 the market of large diameter pipes saw a considerable fall. Chelyabinsk Pipe Works and Pipe Metallurgical Company were left almost without orders. According to ChTPZ, the demand for LDP (530 to 1420 mm) decreased by 25%. In 2016 Russia sold 2.1 million tons of pipes, while in 2017 – 1.6 million tons. Analysts…

Russia: pipe consumption to grow in 2018

In 2018 pipe consumption in Russia will increase by 2%. According to Igor Malyshev, director of the Pipe industry development fund, increase in OCTG segment will be 3%, oil and gas pipes – 5%, industrial pipes – 6% and construction and housing pipes – 1%. At the same time large diameter pipes consumption is expected…

Russia: steel pipes market to grow in 2017

According to Sergey Alekseyev, the TMK marketing director, steel pipes consumption (except for large diameter pipes) will grow in Russia in 2017 by 8% YoY.

TMK retains its positions of the leading world manufacturer of pipes with 2798 thousand tons of pipes produced in January-September. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: LDP demand falling

TMK and ChTPZ, accounting for some 45% of Russian large diameter pipes manufacture, decreased local sales because of Gazprom lowering its purchases. In H1 TMK increased earnings by 11% YoY, to $1.54 billion, yet the seamless pipes increase was chiefly countered by the considerable drop in revenue from the sales of welded pipes. In particular,…

Russia: MEGA-stal opens new LDP shop

MEGA-stal (Moscow region) has completed the manufacture modernization.

Now the company operates a new shop to produce electric welded pipes without the circular seam according to GOST 20295×85.

The pipes are manufactured in the 630-1020 mm diameter. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Splav to supply pipe valves to Surgutneftegaz

The Splav Corporation has received an order for pipe vales from a major Russian oil extractor and processor – Surgutneftegaz.

According to the agreement, in autumn the corporation will start supplying 1200 gland type globe valves to Kirishnefteorgsintez for the construction of the complex of pump petrol and diesel fuel. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Globus-Stal starts producing stainless pipes

Globus-Stal has put into operation a new manufacturing line to produce electric-welded pipes of stainless steel.

The company has already made its first order – the 6-meters long pipe with 16 mm diameter and 1 mm wall thickness.

Globus-Stal is able to produce 16-60.3 mm diameter pipes with wall thickness of 0.4-3 mm. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: demand for Copper Pipes Works products growing

In Q2 the demand for the Copper Pipe Works products increased by 25% YoY.

So far the company has orders up until October.

The company products are in demand not only in Russia, but abroad as well. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: half of pipes for Nord Stream-2 produced

Metal companies have produced a half of pipes for the Nord Stream-2 pipeline.

Now the pipes are being covered with concrete.

According to the contract Russian companies will produce 1.3 million tons of pipes, or 60% of the total volume. (Ukrainian metal)