Russia: BMK investment project to get tax preferences

The Republic of Bashkiria has granted tax preferences to 5 priority investment projects.

Among them is the “Organization of the multistrand ropes manufacture”.

Beloretsk Iron and Steel Works initiated the project.

Investments total 510 million rubles. 68 new jobs will be created. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: BMK HAV-metal wares sales up in January-October 2017

In January-October Beloretsk Iron and Steel Works increased sales of metal wares with high-added value. In particular, sales of stainless products for aviation, oil and gas, machine-building and automobile industries increased 2-fold. Sales of steel high-strength wire for ferroconcrete structures manufacture increased by 14% YoY, rebars threads for the construction of bridges and high-rise buildings…

Russia: BMK modernizes roller furnace

Beloretsk Iron and Steel Works has modernized the roller furnace in the rolling shop.

This will improve the rolled metal quality and decrease expenses.

The furnace is used to heat the billets to 1050 degrees C before rolling.

Investments in the project totaled 15 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: BMK provides Mechel with 5-year loan

Beloretsk Iron and Steel Works has provided its mother company Mechel with a 5-year loan of 1.35 billion rubles.

The companies do not disclose the conditions of the deal.

The goal of the loan is to carry out financial and commercial activity by Mechel. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Beloretsk Works to regain position on stainless wire market

Beloretsk Iron and Steel Works intends to regain its position on the market of stainless wire.

According to the company statement, in addition to cooperating with electrode works, BMK works with spring works, to which it supplies wire of other steel grades. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: BMK named reliable supplier by Irkutskcable

In 2016 Beloretsk Iron and Steel Works, a part of Mechel, received the highest supplier reliability category from Irkutskcable, one of the largest cable manufacturers in Russia. BMK supplies steel galvanized wire in various sizes to the company. Having assessed such criteria as product quality, quality management certification system, period of cooperation, supplier loyalty and…