Ukraine: three state mines to commission new long faces

Until the end of the year the Kapitalnaya mine of the state enterprise Mirnogradugol, the Kurakhovskaya mine of the state enterprise Selidovugol and the Yuzhnodonbaskoye No. 1 Mine Group will put new long faces into operation. “The government has this year transferred 341 million UAH for the modernization of coal mines”, the vice-prime minister Vladimir…

Ukraine: Mirnogradugol miners stop operation

Miners of the state enterprise Mirnogradugol have stopped working because of the salary debts. In particular, the mine Kapitalnaya, which employs 3500 miners, stopped operating. According to Mikhail Volynets, the chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine, the wage debts at Mirnogradugol reach 90 million UAH. Later miners from the Central mine and the…

Ukraine: miner perishes at Mirnogradugol

A 30-years old miner perished at the depth of 622 meters in the Centralnaya mine of the state enterprise Mirnogradugol.

“He went into the mine, where a rock cave-in later occurred. The miner fell from the anchoring and into the shaft”, the Donetsk region prosecutor’s office reports.

The police are investigating the accident. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Selidovugol and Mirnogradugol buy 8 million UAH worth of mine sections

The state enterprises Selidovugol and Mirnogradugol have ordered the Donenergoexport LLC the delivery of mine sections at 4.2 million UAH and 3.87 million UAH respectively. In particular, Selidovugol ordered 105 tons of SVP-27 sections at 40 thousand UAH per ton, and Mirnogradugol – 100 tons at 38.76 UAH per ton. Had Selidovugol reached the Mirnogradugol…

Ukraine: Mirnogradugol buys fuel

Mirnogradugol has ordered DTK-Trading LLC the delivery of fuel valued at 10.89 million UAH. In particular the company has ordered 225 liters of A-92 Euro petrol at 25.2 UAH per liter and 225 liters of Euro-3 diesel fuel at 23.2 UAH per liter. In 2015-2016 DTK-Trading received orders from Selidovugol and Mirnogradugol for 57.91 million…

Ukraine: Mirnogradugol orders fasteners

The state enterprise Mirnogradugol has ordered Det-Yura LLC the delivery of anchoring valued at 8.78 million UAH.

The price includes insurance and transportation.

The Det-Yura LLC offer was 0.5% cheaper than those of its competitors. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Mirnogradugol miners on strike

Employees of the Rodinskaya mine (the state enterprise Mirnogradugol) went underground but refused working as a sign of protest against the non-payment of salary. According to the chairman of the Independent Miners Union Mikhail Volynets, the miners demand full clearing of July salary debts and advance payment for August. The miners remember the words of…