Russia: CherMK to increase number of smeltings

Severstal will repair Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works converter pick-up probes to increase the number of smeltings from 82 to 86 per day.

The equipment will be supplied by Danieli.

The probes will be commissioned by stages in 2020. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: CherMK commissions coil-rewinding machine

Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works has assembled and put into operation an APR-650 coil-rewinding machine with the capacity of 650 thousand tons per year.

The machine is scheduled to reach its design capacity in Q3.

Over 30 jobs have been created.

In May employees were trained by LDM (Italy) specialists. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: CherMK sales up in April 2019

In April, Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works increased sales by 2.4% YoY, to 780 thousand tons.

In January-April sales dropped by 0.4%, to 3.3 million tons.

Sales to domestic customers grew by 25%, to 2.24 million tons, while exports fell by 30.4%, to 1.05 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: CherMK finishes EPWR repairs

Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works repair personnel together with subcontractors have completed the capital repair of one of the electric pipe-welding rigs.

The machine produces welded pipes with the diameter of 12 to 38 mm for construction industry.

The repair lasted for 5 days, 11 hours less than planned. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: CherMK finishes 5000-mill repair

Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works has carried out a scheduled repair of its 5000-mill in the sheet-rolling shop.

The repair lasted for 6 days.

Investment in the project totaled 94 million rubles.

The preparation for the repair began in late 2018. (Ukrainian metal)