Russia: NLMK supplies steel for construction of collider

NLMK Group, an international steel company with operations in Russia, the USA and the European Union, has supplied dynamo steel to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (based in Dubna) for the construction of a unique accelerator complex in Russia, a NICA collider (Nuclotron-based Ion Collider Facility). The international NICA complex mega-science project is aimed…

Russia: NLMK named best in Metals & Mining reports

NLMK Group, an international steel company with operations in Russia, the USA and the European Union, was recognized in the 20th Annual Report Competition organized by the Moscow Exchange and RBC Group. NLMK topped the Best Annual Report in Metals & Mining category. NLMK also received a special Long-Standing Leadership award. NLMK Group is committed…

Russia: NLMK-Kaluga to decrease refractory usage

NLMK-Kaluga has put into operation a steel-casting ladle with a new wall lining, which decreases refractory materials usage by 25%. The ladle transports liquid steel from the furnace. Earlier NLMK-Kaluga ladles have been lined with refractory bricks. The new technique uses liquid refractory concrete. “We intend to save some 29.1 million rubles a year with…

Russia: NLMK ramps up PCI in BF shop No. 2

NLMK Lipetsk, NLMK Group’s flagship production site, has completed guarantee testing of pulverized coal injection (PCI) technology at blast furnace No. 6 (with a capacity of 3.1 million tons per year), and at blast furnace No. 7 (with a capacity of 4.3 million tons per year). Tests confirmed that the equipment had reached design capacity.…

Russia: NLMK generates 96.5% of Lipetsk region exports

In January-September Lipetsk region foreign turnover increased by 42.5% YoY, to 3.4 billion rubles.

According to the local customs office, exports increased by 42.6%, to $2.8 billion, imports – by 42%, to $223 million.

NLMK ferrous metals accounted for 96.5% of the total exports. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Q3 2017 NLMK Group trading update

In July-September steel output grew to 4.4 million tons, by 6% QoQ and by 8% YoY, due to increased output at NLMK’s Russian divisions driven by the seasonal uptick in demand on the Russian market. Group sales grew by 1% both QoQ and YoY, to 4.24 million tons. Key growth factors: seasonal growth in demand…

Russia: EU duty not affecting NLMK

The EU fixed duties on Russian hot-rolled metal, imposed on October 7, could open new ways for NLMK to enter the markets of Turkey and Asia, as well as strengthen the position of its European works. In H1 NLMK Le Louviere (Belgium) produced 770 thousand tons of hot-rolled metal with the mill capacity of 2.5…

Russia: NLMK shareholders approve dividends for Q2 2017

At the Extraordinary General Shareholder Meeting (EGM) held on September 29, NLMK shareholders approved payment of Q2 dividends of RUB 3.20 per share.

The date upon which the shareholders entitled to Q2 dividends will be determined was set as October 12.

H1 dividends will amount to RUB 5.55 per share. (NLMK/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK-Kaluga produces 3 million tons of rolled metal

The new-generation electrometallurgical plant NLMK-Kaluga has produced the 3-millionth ton of rolled metal.

The company capacity is 1.5 million tons of steel and 0.9 million tons of rolled metal per year.

In just half a year after being put into operation the plant reached its maximum capacity. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK to road show its eurobonds

NLMK is planning to start a road show with dollar-nominated eurobonds in USA and Europe on September 6. Meetings with investors will be held in London, Zurich, New York and Boston. J.P. Morgan, SG CIB, ING and UniCredit will act as organizers. Depending on the market situation NLMK intends to offer mid-term bonds to investors.…