Ukraine: state miners owed 200 million UAH

As of December 1, 2018 the salary debt to state miners was over 196 million UAH.

The total indebtedness was 234.7 million UAH, up by 84.1 million UAH since the start of the year.

Recently the Kurakhovskaya mine employees have announced a hunger strike because of non-payment of salary. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Toretsk mine caves-in killing one

During the cave-in of rock at a mine in Toretsk (Donetsk region) one miner perished.

The cave-in occurred at the depth of over 1 thousand meters.

8 miners were in the shaft at the moment. One of them was killed. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: PM to discuss miners’ salaries

Next week Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman intends to host a meeting on the salary debts to state miners and other debts in the industry. According to him, the problem of the profitless operation of state coal industry is systematic, and the government has to provide 2.5 billion UAH of subsidies for coal miners in the…

Ukraine: Russia processing factory bought

Ukrdorinvest LLC (Kiev) has purchased 73.5% of the Central processing factory “Russia” shares (Donetsk region).

As of Q2, 75.49% of shares belonged to DRFC LLC, while Ukrdorinvest owned only 24.5%.

Two more processing factories wanted to buy shares – Ukraina and Mirnogradskaya.

Ukrdorinvest also owns 24.5% in Mirnogradskaya processing factory. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: miners want minister Nasalik fired

Miners plan to hold a strike demanding from the authorities, among other things, the dismissal and criminal prosecution of the minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik. “The miners are prepared to march to Kiev in a week. They are making addresses to members of the parliament and the prime minister”, a parliament member…

Ukraine: 660 million UAH to be spent to shut down state mines

Next year the government intends to provide 659.7 million UAH to shut down and maintain closed coalmines and coal-processing enterprises.

According to the budget draft, the funds will be spent to prepare 3 coalmining enterprises for liquidation.

There are also 16 projects to shut down enterprises and maintain 2 water-pumping complexes. (Ukrainian metal)

Armenia: 10 out of 27 mines have violations

Out of 27 operating mines in Armenia at 10 violations have been spotted.

The main violations concerned tax obligations.

To remove violations the mines are given 90 days.

If violations are not removed, the mines licenses will be cancelled. (Ukrainian metal)