Ukraine: Donetsk miners go on a strike

The employees of the Yuzhnodonbasskaya No. 1 mine and partially of the Mine named after Surgay have started striking because of non-payment of salary.

The wage debt reaches 35 million UAH.

The miners have blocked a highway.

The Yuzhnodonbasskaya No. 1 miners have also suspended coal mining. (Ukrainian metal)

Kyrgyzstan: seven fields to be put out to tender

It is planned to put out to tender the promising deposit Sulukta, Kadamdzhai, Kara-Keche, Tuyuk-Kargasha, Togolok, Naukatskoe and Dzhetim in 2019, the Chairman of the State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use Emil Osmonbetov said. The Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev has held a meeting on the situation in the mining industry. He stressed the…

Ukraine: energy minister on debts to miners

Gosuglepostach and Centerenergo have to clear salary debts to miners of the Lviv-Volyn basin. “My task now is to make these enterprises start paying you”, the energy and coal industry minister Igor Nasalik said at the miners strike. According to him, the main problem is that there appeared private organizations in the coal sale scheme…

Ukraine: state-owned enterprise management to be outside Coal Ministry’s competence

Energy and Coal Industry Minister Ihor Nasalyk said that the function of managing state-owned enterprises should not fall within the ministry’s competence. He stated this at a meeting with experts of the government-public initiative “Together against corruption”, the Energy and Coal Industry Ministry’s press service reported. “The ministry should be responsible for forming policy and…

Ukraine: miners wage arrears at 400 million UAH

The salary debt to miners exceeds 400 million UAH.

“Recently a decision has been taken to transfer some funds from the state budget to clear the debt. I believe soon the wage arrears will be paid”, deputy minister of energy and coal industry Anatoly Korzun declared. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: mine explodes on occupied territories

On April 25, an explosion occurred at the Skhidcarbon mine in the so-called Lugansk People’s Republic, a terrorist organization created and supported by Russia.

So far, bodies of three miners have been brought to the surface. The fate of 14 more is still unknown.

The accident happened at the depth of 300 meters. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: industrial giant to enter Azerbaijani mining market

The Ukrainian company Tekhnomash is interested in supplying mining equipment to the Azerbaijani market, Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Organization (AZPROMO) reported. The company is engaged in the production of magnetic declarators, tippers, cargo and passenger railcars, closures, classifiers and other equipment, as well as spare parts for them. Currently, Tekhnomash exports its products to…

Ukraine: state mines cut off grid

A number of state coalmines on April 1 were cut off grid. According to the National Miners’ Union chairman Mikhail Volynets, mines of the state enterprises Volynugol (Volyn region), Lisichanskugol, Pervomayskugol and Mirnogradugol (all three – Lugansk region), as well as the mines Kapitalnaya and Centralnaya have been cut off grid. The enterprises are working…