Russia: Metalloinvest and Signify complete second stage of lighting modernization at LGOK, MGOK and OEMK

Signify (previously Philips Lighting) has modernized lighting systems at three Metalloinvest enterprises: Lebedinsky and Mikhailovsky Mining and Steel Works as well as Oskol Electrometallurgical Works. All in all the company has replaced over 5 thousand lamps in 15 shops. As the result of the second stage of the large-scale program to modernize lighting at Metalloinvest…

Russia: Metalloinvest increases S&OP efficiency

Metalloinvest is improving its sales and operation planning efficiency. Within the Industry 4.0 business transformation program the company is using the Quintiq solution at all of its key enterprises: Lebedinsky and Mikhaylovsky Mining and Processing Works, OEMK and Ural Stal. “The Quintiq solution helps to efficiently optimize the whole delivery chain. It will help us…

Russia: Metalloinvest net profit up in January-September 2017

In January-September Metalloinvest received $1.089 billion of net profit, up by 53.8% YoY.

Revenue totaled $4.556 billion, up by 52.4% YoY.

EBITDA grew by 80.8%, to $1.544 billion, with metallurgical segment of the company EBITDA up by 39.8%, to $267 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Metalloinvest shuffles board of directors

Metalloinvest has changed the composition of its board of directors. The new board comprises Ivan Streshinsky, chairman, Galina Aglyamova, independent non-executive director, Andrey Varichev, executive director, Valery Kazikayev, independent non-executive director, Nikolay Krylov, independent non-executive director, Irina Lupicheva, non-executive director, Pavel Mitrofanov, non-executive director, Gleb Kostikov, non-executive director, and Dmitry Tarasov, independent director. The board…

Russia: Metalloinvest discusses freight transport partnership opportunities

A meeting has taken place at Lebedinsky GOK (a part of Metalloinvest) to discuss Metalloinvest enterprises’ partnership with the rolling stock operating company New Forwarding Company (a part of Globaltrans Group), specifically focusing on issues relating to freight transport organization in the current year, as well as in 2018-2019. Participants of the meeting included: representatives…

Russia: Metalloinvest net profit up in H1 2017

In January-June Metalloinvest increased its net profit by 36.7% YoY, to $585 million.

The group earnings reached $3.032 billion, up by 57%. EBITDA was $1.061 billion, up by 99.1%.

Metalloinvest net debt totaled $3.602 billion. (Ukrainian metal)