Russia: Krasniy Octyabr output up in August 2018

In August Krasniy Octyabr had to produce 2500 tons of rolled metal, but in fact manufactured 2625 tons.

For September the company output plan is 2800 tons.

The goals set by the company management have been met.

Krasniy Octyabr supplies high-quality steel products to all its foreign customers in time. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr to assemble boiler houses

The Volgograd-based Krasniy Octyabr is carrying out the program of technical revamping.

The next step is the assembly of boiler houses.

So far subcontractors have prepared foundation for 4 mini-boiler houses. The foundation for 2 more is under construction.

Viessmann Group will supply the machinery. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr clears tax debts

Volgograd Iron and Steel Works Krasniy Octyabr has paid 424 million rubles of tax debts.

All the debts have been cleared in full.

The non-payment of taxes to the budget has been revealed during a tax service check.

The major part of the debt fell on the profit tax. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr finishes mill-1150 modernization

In July Krasniy Octyabr carried out large-scale repairs on the mill-1150.

The replacement of 118 bearings in roll-tables allowed decreasing the time to supply ingots, while at the same time increasing the speed of metal cutting.

The repair of the soaking pits in the furnace bay significantly reduced company gas consumption. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VZK to produce steel structures for Krasniy Octyabr

Volzhsky Steel Structures Works is participating in the project on the environment modernization of the manufacturing process at the Krasniy Octyabr Iron and Steel Works. According to the VZK sales director Julia Ilchenko, the company will produce gas pipeline structures. The company is also actively cooperating with the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex,…

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr and ZEMZ developing cooperation

Since April Krasniy Octyabr Volgograd Iron and Steel Works has started receiving the billets for rerolling from Zlatoust Electrometallurgical Works.

This will allow the sheet-rolling shop of VMK to quickly and in full provide for fulfilling orders.

In January-February Krasniy Octyabr received some 600 tons of slabs from ZEMZ. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr output to grow in 2018

In 2017 Krasniy Octyabr produced 37.48 thousand tons of stainless steel, while Zlatoustovsky Electrometallurgical Works – 17.48 thousand tons.

The combined output reached 54.96 thousand tons, up by 20% in three years.

This year output is expected to grow by 5%. (Ukrainian metal)

Latvia: Liepājas metalurgs buyer – owner of Russian Krasniy Octyabr?

Smart Stahl GmbH (Austria) has purchased the movable property of the Liepājas metalurgs rolling shop. But it is believed that Dmitry Gerasimenko, owner of the Volgograd-based Krasniy Octyabr (Russia) could be behind the deal. He is a full owner of the Cyprus-based Segoa Ventures Limited, which owns Smart Stahl, created in April 2017. The sum…

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr increases product range

In 2017 Krasniy Octyabr Iron and Steel Works was busy modernizing its thermal and treatment machinery. At the same time the company started manufacturing new types of products. In particular, last year Krasniy Octyabr started producing cold-rolled sheet with the thickness of 0.8-3.5 mm and hot-rolled sheet of corrosion-resistant steel and heat-resistant chrome-nickel alloys. For…

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr to fire employees

The authorities of the city of Volgograd have announced that they are preparing for the decrease of jobs at the Krasniy Octyabr Iron and Steel Works.

Since February 2018 some 177 employees will be fired.

Of them 11 are engineer-technicians, and 166 electrical engineers and gas and arc welders. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Krasniy Oktyabr constructing new processing line

The Volgograd Iron and Steel Works “Krasniy Oktyabr” is carrying out modernization of the manufacturing capacities at its rolled metal finishing shop. According to the company statement, a new metal processing line is being constructed there. The foundation for the PL-250 centerless turning machine and RL-250 two-roll straightener has been complete. The foundation will be…

Russia: Krasniy Octyabr output up in May 2017

In May Krasniy Octyabr Iron and Steel Works increased output.

According to the acting manufacturing director Sergey Marchenko, the output increase is connected with the installation of the new ABB transformer for arc furnace No. 5.

Brushed metal sales increased 2-fold YoY. (Ukrainian metal)