Russia: ChTPZ to increase exports

ChTPZ group intends to increase sales on foreign markets by participating in international projects. In 2019 the group will have high loading in the large diameter pipes segment. In particular, orders have been received to supply 130 thousand tons of large diameter pipes to Kazakhstan for the construction of the Saryarka gas pipeline. The group…

Russia: ChTPZ H1 2019 revenue to drop

In H1 ChTPZ expects to sell over 900 thousand tons of pipe products. According to the pipe division CEO Boris Kovalenkov, the expected drop of revenue – to 88 billion rubles – will be compensated for in H2. Net debt to EBITDA ration will be 2.5-2.75. Last year ChTPZ pipe division enterprises sold 1.92 million…

Russia: ChTPZ decreases statutory fund

Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Works has purchased a part of its own shares in order to decrease its statutory fund. The price of the buyback was 114.42 rubles per share. The total number of shares reached 166,666,132. The company has to pay for the shares not later than on May 21. The seller was Pervouralsky Pipe Works,…

Russia: ChTPZ gets MKB loan

Moscow Loan Bank and ChTPZ Group have signed a loan agreement of 4 billion rubles.

The funds will be provided for 3 years.

The parties have been cooperating since 2014.

This year the bank decided to enlarge cooperation with the group. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChTPZ profit up in 2018

In 2018 the net profit of ChTPZ grew by 91.6% YoY, to 7.726 billion rubles, Gross profit increased by 18%, to 44.286 billion rubles, and EBITDA – by 19%, to 28.223 billion rubles. Revenue went up by 13%, to 178.84 billion rubles. The company net debt as of late 2018 was 68.4 billion rubles. The…

Russia: ChTPZ increases tube-drawing bench capacity

The ChTPZ group has carried out an investment project to modernize the manufacturing complex of the cold-deformed pipes, New Prestar machinery to treat stainless pipes has been assembled at the Pervouralsky Pipe Works. Investments exceeded 15 million rubles. The new machine provides for faster and more precise cutting of pipes with diameter of 83 to…

Russia: ChTPZ net profit up in 2018

In 2018 ChTPZ net profit grew 1.9-fold YoY, to 7.7 billion rubles. Sales revenue increased by 13%, to 178.84 billion rubles, and gross profit – by 17.9%, to 44.29 billion rubles. The product prime cost went up by 11.5%, to 134.56 billion rubles. The company fixed liabilities dropped by 5.3%, to 74.2 billion rubles. (Ukrainian…

Russia: ChTPZ pipes sales down in 2018

In 2018 the ChTPZ pipes enterprises – Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Works and Pervouralsky Novotrubniy Works – sold 1.92 million tons of pipes, down by 3.7% YoY. The decrease is due to the completion of large diameter pipes deliveries for the Nord Stream-2 construction. Deliveries to the Russian market grew by 1.2%, to 1.42 million tons, including…

Russia: ChTPZ lends 1.1 billion rubles to its scrap procurer

Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant has provided a loan of 1.14 billion rubles to a company it controls – Meta.

The agreement was signed on February 5.

The funds have to be returned not later than on June 30, 2020.

Meta provides ChTPZ with scrap. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChTPZ and PNTZ pass environment audit

The systems of the environment management at ChTPZ and PNTZ have been named efficient. SAI Global carried out the audit at ChTPZ and TUV Rheinland – at PNTZ. This year ChTPZ has started a large-scale project on the construction of the wastewater purifying facilities. Investments total 600 million rubles. PNTZ is also modernizing its water…

Russia: ChTPZ railroad sales down in October 2018

In October ChTPZ shipped 61.2 thousand tons of metal via railroad, down by 41.4% YoY.

In January-October sales reached 931 thousand tons, up by 1.9% YoY.

Deliveries to Russian customers totaled 764 thousand tons, up by 18% YoY, while exports fell by 37.2%, to 166.8 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChTPZ decreases energy expenses

In January-June ChTPZ enterprises saved 70 million rubles under the program to improve energy efficiency. The largest project to decrease energy resources consumption was the creation of the new substation. Investments totaled 220 million rubles. The economical effect will reach some 50 million rubles per year. 5 main shops have been switched to modern LED…