Russia: Mikhailovsky GOK gets new drilling mill

Within the Metalloinvest program on the modernization of the mining and transport complex Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Works receives new machinery.

In September the company mining fleet was increased with a new drilling mill.

It has already been assembled.

It is planned to be put into operation at the quarry this month. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Mikhailovsky GOK receives bulldozer from Chetra

A new Chetra T-40 bulldozer, produced by Chetra-Industrial Machines, has been supplied to Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Works.

This is an exclusive bulldozer, as the company has only produced 37 of them. And they are already operating in Japan, Kazakhstan, Kemerovo region, etc. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Mikhailovsky GOK to supply pellets to Dunaferr

Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Works has started supplying iron ore pellets to the Hungarian works of Dunaferr, owned by the Industrial Union of Donbass (Ukraine).

So far 67 thousand tons of pellets have been supplied. In Q4 MGOK plans to supply 160.2 thousand tons of pellets.