Russia: metal prices up in April 2018

In April industrial prices increased by 1.2%.

According to the Federal Service of State Statistics (Rosstat), coal prices grew by 3.5%, and non-ferrous metals ores – by 2.6%.

At the same time pig iron, steel and ferroalloy prices increased by 2.4%, while of lead, zinc and tin – by 2%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: metal market in April 2018

In April angle (63×6) prices in the Central region decreased by 15%, to 43 thousand rubles per ton. Price change on B1-30 beams totaled only 0.1%, to 54.5 thousand rubles. Flat galvanized rolled metal saw the highest increase in price – 4.05%, to 58 thousand tons per ton. It is followed by the hot-rolled sheet…

Russia: metal prices up in March 2018

In March the prices of industrial goods dropped by 0.9% after a growth of 1% in February and of 0.1% in January. According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, non-ferrous metals prices increased by 4.5%, pig iron, steel and ferroalloy prices – by 2.8%, other primary steel wares – by 2.5%, and aluminum prices…

Ukraine: mining-metallurgical future depends on domestic market

The future of Ukrainian mining-metallurgical complex depends on the domestic market. “If the domestic market is strong, there will be construction, machine-building, car manufacture, subway construction. There will be development”, the opposition prime minister Boris Kolesnikov said during his visit to Zaporozhogneupor. According to him, the main problem of Ukrainian mining and metal complex is…

Kazakhstan: metal prices up in January 2018

The prices of enterprises manufacturing industrial products, as well as providing production services, increased by 1.4% in Kazakhstan in January 2018 compared to December 2017, the Statistics Committee of the National Economy Ministry of Kazakhstan said in a message. During the reporting period, prices for coal went up by 6%, and metal ore – by…

Kazakhstan: metal prices up in 2017

In 2017 prices of industrial products in Kazakhstan increased by 17.6% YoY. According to the Ministry of the national economy, prices in mining industry increased by 27.2% and in processing by 8.3%. In particular, metal ore prices grew by 15.8%, coal – by 10.3%, zinc – by 23.7%, copper – by 19.7%, aluminum – by…

Russia: rolled metal demand down

In 2017 rolled steel sheet was the most sought after type of rolled metal.

At present Russian market is witnessing a slight seasonal decrease in demand, which allows buying materials cheaper. Customers also leave their orders online more often, which simplifies the purchasing process.

Steel sheet is used in machine-building, construction, agriculture, etc. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: metal prices up in September 2107

In September industrial product prices increased by 2.4%.

According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, in quarrying and ore processing prices increased by 14.4%, in non-ferrous metals ore – by 1.9%.

Pig iron, steel and ferroalloys became 11.2% more expensive, while non-ferrous metals prices increased by 8.3%, and copper – by 7.1%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal consumption growing

In January-September metal consumption in Ukraine increased by 6.3% YoY. According to Ukrmetallurgprom, metal companies supplied 2.737 million tons of products to the local market against 2.574 million tons in 9 months of 2016. The local market share increased from 15.8% to 20.3%. At the same time exports dropped by 20.8% YoY, to 10.732 million…

Ukraine: mining sales up in January-August 2017

In January-August sales of industrial products (goods and services) totaled 1.354 trillion UAH, up by 25.95% YoY.

According to the State Statistics Service, in August sales in mining and quarrying industry increased by 28.8% YoY, with exports up by 27.6%.

Metal output accounted for 17.8% and mining for 15% of the total volume. (Ukrainian metal)