Russia: Amurstal looking for federal subsidy

TOREX, owner of Amurstal in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, hopes to get a subsidy from the federal budget. The Ministry of industry and trade intends to provide major enterprises with support. The company plans to spend money to clear interest rate on loans, thus decreasing them by 4.5%. At present the ministry is choosing companies to participate in…

Russia: Amurstal sales up on January-February 2019

In January-February Amurstal shipped 121.7 thousand tons of metal via railroad, up from 106 thousand tons as planned.

Sales grew both to the local market and abroad.

According to the company CEO Sergey Kuznetsov, Amurstal can increase output to 80-85 thousand tons of metal per month, thus reaching 1 million tons per year. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: scrap delivery to Amurstal up in 2018

In December 2018 Amurstal received 59 thousand tons of ferrous scrap via railroad.

This is up from 10.3 thousand tons in December 2017.

In January-December 2018 the company received 548.7 thousand tons of scrap, up 6.2-fold YoY.

This is also the highest result in the past 3 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Amurstal sales up in September 2018

In September railroad sales of steel from Amurstal totaled 55.1 thousand tons, up 2.6-fold YoY.

In January-September sales grew 5.2-fold, to 406.5 thousand tons.

This year Russian customers received 138.2 thousand tons, while 268.3 thousand tons were exported. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Amurstal sales up in August 2018

In August Amurstal shipped 63.1 thousand tons of steel via railroad, up 2.6-fold YoY. Moreover, this year sales have been growing each month, resulting in August seeing the highest sales since April 2015. In January-August the company sold 351.4 thousand tons of metal, up 6.4-fold YoY. The annual result of the previous year has been…

Russia: Amurstal sales up in July 2018

In July Amurstal (ex-Amurmetal) shipped 61 thousand tons of metal, up 6-fold YoY.

In January-July sales increased 9.4-fold YoY, to 288.3 thousand tons.

This year the company has supplied 95.2 thousand tons of metal to domestic customers and exported 193 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: scrap deliveries to Amurstal up in July 2018

In July railroad deliveries of scrap to Amurstal (ex-Amurmetal) totaled 68.2 thousand tons.

The deliveries grew 30-fold YoY.

In January-July scrap deliveries to the company increased almost 6-fold YoY, to 292 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)