Russia: UEM assembles new cooling tower

A new Rosinka – 50/60 cooling tower has been assembled in the power shop of the Polymetal Manufacture, a subsidiary of Uralelectromed, replacing an outdated machine.

The old machine has been operating for 60 years.

The new cooling tower has been assembled and tested. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Uralelectromed switches to losses in 2018

In 2018 Uralelectromed received 807 million rubles of net losses as opposed to 1.3 billion rubles of net profit in 2017.

Revenue grew by 14%, to 42.27 million rubles.

Sales profit fell by 45%, to 1.55 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Uralelectromed produces 4 million tons of copper wire rod

Uralelectromed has produced 4 million tons of copper wire rod in 20 years.

The total length of the rods produced is 8 million km.

Uralelectromed is the largest producer of copper wire rod in Russia.

Its share on the domestic market is 40%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM starts preparing foundation for electrolysis shop third stage

Uralelectromed has started preparations to laying the foundation for the third stage of the copper electrolysis shop.

All the foundation work is expected to be completed in June 2020.

The new site will house one circulation system consisting of 224 electrolysis baths with auxiliary equipment. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM improves efficiency of copper powder manufacture

The Uralelectromed powder shop has received a new Gecam mill.

The mill processes the surface of wares made of copper powder.

Previously wares were treated manually. The machine will do it 3-4 times faster and is expected to process some 20 to 30 thousand spare parts per month. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM gets new shunting locomotive

The subsidiary of Uralelectromed (Manufacture of polymetals) has received a new TGM6H-UGMK locomotive. This is the first locomotive in the new series. It has an 811-hp diesel engine. Unlike the previous versions of the locomotive (TGM-4B and TGM-6D) computer is monitoring its operation. From February the locomotive will be running at the Kalata station. (Ukrainian…

Russia: UEM commissions new crane

Uralelectromed has put into operation a new stationary crane manipulator produced by Velmash.

In just a week the machine has already processed over 200 tons of non-ferrous scrap.

The new hydraulic manipulator has replaced an outdated one.

The investments in the machine totaled 2.2 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM to increase lead output

Uralelectromed subsidiary (Manufacture of non-ferrous metals alloys) has started a program of advanced development to increase lead output.

According to the subsidiary director Tagir Khafizov, the company is constructing a new building to house a casting conveyer and a packing line. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM produces 13 thousand commutator bars for diesel locomotives

Uralelectromed has produced the first batch of commutator bars (13 thousand pieces) for the construction of cargo diesel locomotives.

According to the contract with the Russian Railways, the bars will be tested at some 400 thousand km.

The company has increased the portfolio of its commutator bars to 9 sizes and types. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM management systems pass audit

The Russian Register certification association has carried out a scheduled inspection of three Uralelectromed management systems – environment, energy and labor and industrial safety. The experts have positively assessed the company operation and confirmed the correspondence of the systems to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 respectively. Last year the company environment management system…

Russia: UEM constructs overpass

The Uralelectromed subsidiary (Manufacture of Polymetals) has finished the construction of a main overpass.

The overpass will have 9 pipelines for air, heat, gas and black oil supply.

The preparation to assembly the pipeline will start in December.

The construction of the overpass began in 2016. Metal structures weighing 342 tons were used. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM modernizes ore-smelting furnace

The Uralelectromed subsidiary on the manufacture of non-ferrous metals alloys has modernized one of the two ore-smelting furnaces. According to the subsidiary director Tagir Khafizov, the modernization will allow for a more precise control of the raw materials loading technique and will improve labor conditions. The repairmen have dismantled the old lining and disassembled the…

Russia: UEM commissions shaft furnace

The Uralelectromed subsidiary (Manufacture of polymetals) has commissioned the shaft furnace No. 2 after capital repairs. The cost of repair was 47 million rubles. It took repairmen 26 days to completely disassemble the machine with the height of 15 meters and then assemble it again. Preparation for the work started a year before the furnace…

Russia: UEM to produce refining tanks

The Uralelectromed subsidiary (Manufacture of non-ferrous metals alloys) will produce two refining tanks to increase the capacity of the refining department of the metal shop. The cost of each tank is 3.8 million rubles. The machinery will be placed in the beginning of the technological cycle and will be filled with black lead. “The new…