Russia: UEM constructs overpass

The Uralelectromed subsidiary (Manufacture of Polymetals) has finished the construction of a main overpass.

The overpass will have 9 pipelines for air, heat, gas and black oil supply.

The preparation to assembly the pipeline will start in December.

The construction of the overpass began in 2016. Metal structures weighing 342 tons were used. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM repairs anode-baking furnace

The anode-baking furnace No. 2 at the copper-smelting shop of Uralelectromed has been repaired.

It took a month to repair the furnace.

The furnace capacity is 350 tons of anode copper per smelting. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UEM profits down in 2016

In 2016 the net profits of Uralelectromed decreased by 23.6% YoY, to 2.17 billion rubles. Revenue, on the other hand, went up to 28.9 billion rubles from 26 billion rubles in 2015, while sales jumped from 18.3 billion rubles to 22.97 billion rubles. The company says revenue growth was the result of output and sales…