Ukraine: DMK increasing salary

Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine, a part of the Industrial Union of Donbass, is increasing the salary of its employees by 25-30%.

According to the company statement, the salary increase follows the order of the CEO Alexander Podkorytov.

From April 1 the salary has been increased by 23%. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: environment strike at DMK

On the square near the Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine a meeting was held.

People demanded clean air and healthy future for their children.

The strikers didn’t want the combine to be shut down, they just wanted the company to use all the filters and fulfill all the environment programs. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DMK resumes steel smelting

On July 27 Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine resumed steel smelting in its converter shop.

The first smelting was carried out at the continuous casting machine.

The blast furnace shop is expecting concentrate and sinter ore delivery. The blast furnace No. 9 is being blown. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DMK starts producing sinter

Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine has started producing sinter.

“The sinter shop has put into operation three sintering machines (No. 7, 8 and 10). The output of sinter totaled 14 thousand tons”, the company said.

Rotary kiln No. 1 in the converter shop has also been put into operation. (Ukrainian metal)