Ukraine: employee perishes at DMK

On July 22 an employee perished at the Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine.

This is the second accident this year.

The accident happened in the blast furnace shop.

The employee worked for a subcontracting organization.

The previous accident happened on February 18. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: hearth man dies at DMK

On February 18, a body of a hearth man was found near the blast furnace 9 controls at the Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine.

The man was 47 years old.

“Emergency arrived at the site, but after some time had to state the death of the person”, the company reported.

Investigation is underway. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: DMK increasing salary

Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine, a part of the Industrial Union of Donbass, is increasing the salary of its employees by 25-30%.

According to the company statement, the salary increase follows the order of the CEO Alexander Podkorytov.

From April 1 the salary has been increased by 23%. (Ukrainian metal)