Ukraine: Corum Druzhkovka output up in 2017

In 2017 Corum Druzhkovka Machine-building Works increased output by 122% YoY. According to the company statement, the expected volume of products manufactured this year will be 757 million UAH. Loading of the company capacities this year has increased by almost a quarter, to 123%. In 11 months the works received 353 orders for the manufacture…

Ukraine: Corum Group merges with DTEK

DTEK Energo has purchased shares of Svet Shakhtera, Druzhkovka Machine-Building Works and Mining Machines, previously parts of Corum Group. “These companies are the main suppliers of coalmining machines and equipment to the group. This deal will allow DTEK Energo to decrease expenses on machinery, provide its coal enterprises with spare parts on time and improve…

Ukraine: Corum builds fan unit at ZZhRK

Corum Group has finished the construction of the fan unit at the Expluatatsionnaya mine of the Zaporozhye Iron Ore Complex.

The unit has already received the certificate allowing it to be commissioned. The fan will be providing the mine with ventilation for some 35 years.

The new unit has replaced outdated centrifugal fans. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Corum produces anchoring for DTEK

The Corum Druzhkovka Machine-Building Works has supplied 162 sections of anchoring to the Dalnyaya mine, a part of Donskoy Antrazit (DTEK). According to the company statement, this is the largest anchoring order this year. “Similar anchoring is already successfully used at the mine. We made the first delivery in 2013, and the second order is…

Ukraine: Corum increases salary

On August 1, the Kharkiv Machine-Building Works “Corum Svet shakhtera”, a part of Corum Group, started increasing salary of its employees on the background of the 120% loading of its capacities. The maximum increase will total 40%. Previously the wages ranged between 8 and 15 thousand UAH depending on the output and quality of products.…

Ukraine: Corum Group exports up in January-May 2017

In January-May Corum Group increased exports by 6% YoY. “We exported mostly drill-loading machines, transformer substations and trolleys. We shipped to Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland and Estonia”, the company said. In 2016 Corum exports increased by 34% YoY. “In 2016-2017 we supplied 4 tunneling machines to Kazakhstan, 2 drill-loading machines, 5 reloaders and scraper conveyors, 3…

Ukraine: Corum Group completes headgear deliveries for ArcelorMittal Temirtau

On January 16, Corum Group completed the delivery of headgear to ArcelorMittal Temirtau.

According to the company statement, the lot comprised 4 units of machinery, with the first produced and delivered in November 2016.

Corum Group also supplies electric equipment and cleaning machinery to Kazakhstan. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Corum Group ships second roadheader to AMT

In mid-December Corum Group shipped the second roadheader to ArcelorMittal Temirtau.

According to the company statement, the machine will operate at Kazakhstanskaya mine.

The total lot of the machinery ordered comprises 4 pieces. The first one was produced in October and shipped in November. The final shipment is scheduled for January 2017. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Corum Group to produce headgear sheaves for Vorkutaugol

Corum Group plans to produce the second lot of headgear sheaves for Vorkutagol by the end of 2016.

According to the company statement, the first batch was produced in November.

The equipment has been specifically produced for operation in the extreme North.

Since 2011 Corum Group has produced and sold some 100 sheaves. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Corum Group to supply borers to AMT

Corum Group intends to supply the whole lot of 4 borers to ArcelorMittal Temirtau in January 2017. The first borer was delivered in November. Moreover, in October Corum Group produced 138 telescopic hydraulic props for AMT. According to the marketing director Denis Shemyakin, Kazakh mining companies have increased interest in mining machinery and Ukrainian companies…

Ukraine: Corum Group to increase KZGO capacity

Corum Group plans to increase industrial capacities of the Krivoy Rog Mining Machinery Works by 30%.

According to the group CEO Yakov Sidlyarenko, it also wants to buy boring machines for Svet Shakhtera Works (Kharkiv) enabling it to increase tunneling machine manufacture by 66%, to 20 units per year. (Ukrainian metal)