Ukraine: 2 miners perish at Pokrovskoye Mine Group

On June 12, 2 miners perished at the Pokrovskoye Mine Group.

As a result of an accident a miner of the breakage face died.

The same day an engineer of underground machinery received fatal damages.

Last year Metinvest bought 24.99% of the Pokrovskoye shares for $190 million from Victor Nusenkis. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: miner dies at Pokrovskoye Mine Group

A cave-in occurred at the Pokrovskoye Mine Group.

As a result, one miner perished and two were injured.

The accident happened in the ventilation shaft.

Pokrovskoye Mine Group is the largest miner of coking coal in Ukraine. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Pokrovskaya mine hit by fire

Early on March 27 a fire broke out at the ventilation drift of the Pokrovskaya mine of the Pokrovskoye Mine Group in Donetsk region.

29 miners were evacuated.

The fire broke out at the depth of 815 meters.

There were no casualties. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Metinvest gets Pokrovskoye Mine Group

Metinvest has indirectly become a shareholder in the Pokrovskoye Mine Group, the largest coking coal manufacturer in Ukraine.

Since Q2 2017, 57.29% of Pokrovskoye have been transferred from Donetskstal to Industrial Coal Holding LLC (ICH).

At present Metinvest B. V. holds 24.99% in ICH. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Corum Group to make excavations at Pokrovskoye Mine Group

Corum Group has concluded an agreement with Donetskstal to construct excavations at the Pokrovskoye Mine Group.

According to the company statement, the commissioning is scheduled for 2018-2019.

The company will construct two excavations – ventilation and conveyer drifts with the combined length of 2700 meters. (Ukrainian metal)