Ukraine: Azovstal preparing converter gas-purifying equipment for reconstruction

Azovstal is actively preparing its converters Nos. 1 and 2 gas-purifying equipment for reconstruction. Design was developed by Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH. The project provides for transferring from the wet system of gas purification to dry and installation of special covers to localize non-organized emissions when pouring pig iron and adding scrap with further purification…

Ukraine: Metinvest starts supplying metal for first “steel building” construction

Metinvest has started supplying metal for the active stage of construction of the first “steel building” in Ukraine in Mariupol. Azovstal intends to provide over 330 tons of steel structures, with around a hundred to be delivered until the end of May. The frame of the building will be made of metal structures, while the…

Ukraine: Azovstal confirms shipbuilding steel quality certificate

Azovstal has again received an international certificate as an approved manufacturer of rolled sheets for shipbuilding according to LR. The document is valid till February 2024. “Without this certificate we would not be able to supply certain shipbuilding steel grades, thus the company would have lost its customers, orders and income”, Azovstal noted. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Azovstal invests 50 million UAH in CCM modernization

Azovstal Iron and Steel Works has invested over 50 million UAH in the Primetals system to control metal level in the continuous casting machines crystallizers. “We constantly modernize the technological processes control and automation systems, which allows receiving high-quality products according to the customers’ requirements”, the company CEO Enver Tskitishvili said. (Ukrainian metal)