Russia: metal output down in January 2019

In January Russia produced 4.4 million tons of pig iron, down by 4% YoY and by 1.4% MoM.

According to Rosstat, rolled metal output dropped by 4.5% MoM, to 5.1 million tons.

Pipe manufacturers decreased output by 7.7% YoY and by 10.7% MoM, to 0.882 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: metal output down in January 2019

According to the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of the National Economy, in January Kazakhstan produced 223.8 thousand tons of steel, down by 41.3% YoY.

Flat rolled metal manufacture dropped by 72.3%, to 69.932 thousand tons.

Ferroalloys output grew by 5.4%, to 180.573 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: metal output in 2018

In 2018 Russia produced 61.6 million tons of rolled metal, up by 1.9% YoY. In December 2018 output dropped by 1.2% YoY, but grew by 6.8% MoM. According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, pig iron manufacture fell by 0.6% YoY, to 51.8 million tons. December 2018 saw the increase in output by 2.6%…

Belarus: metal output up in January-May 2018

In January-May Belarus increased metal output by 9.3% YoY, to Br2.9 billion. Metal products accounted for 6% in the overall industrial output. Belarus exports metal to Russia, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Ukraine. In 5 months $920.6 million worth of metal were exported, or 7.1% of the total exports. The metal industry is represented…