Ukraine: PFK to switch from Kazakh coal to Ukrainian coal

Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant plans to stop importing power-generating coal from Kazakhstan and switch to Ukrainian raw materials.

Ukraine: PFK ends 2015 with losses

In 2015 Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant received 224.15 million UAH of losses.

Ukraine: ferronickel cost price up due to railroad tariff increase

The increase of the railroad tariffs has led to the increase of the ferronickel cost price at Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant.

Ukraine: PFK decreases gas consumption

Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant has finished switching its drying plant to pulverized coal.

Ukraine: PFK to keep nickel output on 2015 level

In 2016 Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant intends to keep nickel output on 2015 level.

Ukraine: PFK nickel output down in 2015

In 2015 Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant (PFK) produced 17.95 thousand tons of nickel, down by 3.5% YoY, or by 0.64 thousand tons.

Ukraine: attacks renewed on Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant

The ferronickel works has suffered another attack. Unknown people tried to block the company operation. This is not the first raiders attempt to influence the operation of Pobuzhye Ferronickel Plant.