Ukraine: Azovstal, Mariupol Ilyich, Zaporozhogneupor and Zaporozhkoks CEO offices extended

The supervisory boards of Azovstal, Mariupol Ilyich Iron and Steel Works, Zaporozhogneupor and Zaporozhkoks, all parts of Metinvest, have extended the offices of their CEO – Enver Tskitishvili, Taras Shevchenko, Sergey Gorman and Vitaly Litovka respectively – for one more year. The decisions were taken on April 2. The offices have been prolonged from April…

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in November 2017

In November Zaporozhogneupor increased output of all its molded refractories: magnesia, chamotte and high-aluminous wares. In particular, the company produced 10.6 thousand tons of molded refractories: 4.8 thousand tons of magnesia refractories, 4.8 thousand tons of chamotte refractories and 1.6 thousand tons of high-aluminous wares. In January-November Zaporozhogneupor produced 93.8 thousand tons of molded refractories,…

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor gets quality certificate

Zaporozhogneupor, the largest manufacturer of refractories in Ukraine, has successfully passed a re-certification audit of its main manufacturing shops, departments and services for the compliance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements. TÜV Thüringen e.V. (Germany) carried out the audit on November 7-10 and confirmed the correspondence of the quality management system of the works to the standard.…

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in October 2017

In October Zaporozhogneupor increased output of molded, chamotte and magnesia rerfactories.

According to the company statement, it produced 9200.82 tons of molded and 371.14 tons of chamotte refractories.

In January-October Zaporozhogneupor produced 83197.42 tons of molded refractories, up by 103.65 YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor molded refractories output up in January-September 2017

In January-September Zaporozhogneupor increased molded refractories output by 1714.94 tons YoY.

According to the company statement, in September it produced 7299.98 tons of molded and 2980.47 tons of chamotte refractories.

In 9 months Zaporozhogneupor produced 2538.86 tons of magnesia and 2666.75 tons of high-aluminous wares. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in January-May 2017

In January-May Zaporozhogneupor produced 41.356 thousand tons of refractories, up by 2% YoY.

In May output increased by 8% YoY, to 8.912 thousand tons.

Zaporozhogneupor is the largest manufacturer of refractory products and materials in Ukraine. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor refractory output up in April 2017

In April Zaporozhogneupor produced 8222 tons of refractories, up by 25% YoY.

In particular chamotte wares output increased by 14%, magnesia wares by 43%, and high-aluminous wares by 14%.

In January-April Zaporozhogneupor exceeded its target by 1%, having increased refractory output to 32444 tons from 32182 tons in January-April 2016. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in Q1 2017

In January-March Zaporozhogneupor increased unmolded refractories output by 15% YoY, to 1.831 thousand tons.

At the same time molded refractories output (refractory concretes, mixes and masses) decreased by 5%, to 24.222 thousand tons.

In March the company produced 9207 tons of molded and 489 tons of unmolded refractories. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in February 2017

In February Zaporozhogneupor increased unmolded refractories output by 18% YoY.

The company produced 720 tons of unmolded refractories, in particular 181 tons of refractory concretes and masses and 539 tons of insulating and slag mixes.

In January-February Zaporozhogneupor increased output by 35% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in 2016

In 2016 Zaporozhogneupor increased its output of unmolded refractories by 27% YoY, to 7601 tons, including 2087 tons of refractory concretes and 5514 tons of insulating and slag-generating mixes. “The Zaporozhogneupor strategy aimed at the increase of unmolded refractories output became the drive of the company development. Our plans for 2017 include the increase of…

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor to buy raw materials in Japan

Supervisory board of Zaporozhogneupor has given its preliminary consent to buy magnesite and graphite valued at 142.5 million UAH from Minmetals Japan Corporation.

The corresponding decision was taken on July 15. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in March 2016

In March Zaporozhogneupor increased refractory materials output.

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor reelects CEO

The supervisory board of Zaporozhogneupor has reelected Viktor Busko the company general manager.

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor gets losses in 2015

In 2015 the largest refractory producer in Ukraine – Zaporozhogneupor – received 21.03 million UAH of losses.

Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor ups refractory mixes output in February 2016

In February Zaporozhogneupor increased all of its main products output.