Ukraine: Metinvest GOKs to pay 4.86 billion UAH of dividends

Shareholders of three mining and processing works belonging to Metinvest intend to spend the combined amount of 4.86 billion UAH to pay dividends for 2017. The corresponding decisions are included in the agenda of the shareholder meetings scheduled for May 18. In particular, Severniy Mining and Processing Works plans to spend 2.16 billion UAH of…

Ukraine: SevGOK, CGOK and InGOK name squeeze-out price

Severniy Mining and Processing Works, Central Mining and Processing Works and Ingulets Mining and Processing Works have announced the price of the forced share buy-out (squeeze-out). For CGOK the price was set at 3.89 UAH per share, for SevGOK – 4.45 UAH and for InGOK – 2.56 UAH per share. Metinvest owns 99.75098% in CGOK,…

Ukraine: SevGOK sells 1.5 million tons of premium pellets

In January-October Severniy Mining and Processing Works sold 1.5 million tons of high iron content pellets to metal companies of Ukraine and Europe. The high-quality pellets have been produced following the experiments of using concentrate from two mining and processing works – Severniy and Ingulets. As the result iron content increased from 63.8% to 65%.…

Ukraine: SevGOK puts new drilling mills in operation

Severniy Mining and Processing Woks has put into operation two Atlas Copco diesel and electric drilling mills at the Pervomaysky quarry.

The mills cost 63.4 million UAH.

The new machines will allow the company to gradually increase output and improve both product quality and working conditions. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: all-terrain buses delivered to InGOK and SevGOK

The Kremenchug Car Works has supplied another batch of all-terrain buses KrAZ-5233 to Severniy and Ingulets Mining and Processing Works.

This is the second batch of automobiles delivered to the GOKs this month.

The first batch was dispatched some 2 weeks ago. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: SevGOK to pay 1.8 billion UAH of dividends

The shareholders of the Severniy Mining and Processing Works, a part of Metinvest, intend to spend 1.8 billion UAH on paying dividends for 2016 from the net profit of 3.61 billion UAH.

The dividends will be paid as 0.77643 UAH per ordinary share.

In 2015 SevGOK received 1.21 billion UAH of net losses. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: SevGOK halts half of pelletizing machines

The Severniy Mining and Processing Works has stopped half of its pelletizing machines because of the railroad blockade of the occupied territories. “Ukrainian metal industry has dropped to the 5-year minimum, the companies have started shutting down. Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works operates only one blast furnace, the employees have received 25% of the January…

Ukraine: shareholders of Severniy GOK to pay dividends for 2014 and previous years

Shareholders of the private joint-stock company Severniy Mining and Processing Works, a part of Metinvest Group, have sent UAH 11.546 billion to pay dividends for 2014 and previous years. “At a general meeting of shareholders on January 30, it was decided to pay dividends implementing the draft decision,” the company reported. Some UA 1.545 billion…

Ukraine: SevGOK to increase output in 2018

In 2018 Severniy Mining and Processing Works intends to increase concentrate output by 23%, to 15 million tons.

According to the company CEO Pavel Timoshenko, in 2016 the works plans to mine 28864 thousand tons of ore and produce 13 million tons of concentrate and 9.19 million tons of pellets. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: SevGOK to buy 14 BELAZ trucks in 2017

Severniy Mining and Processing Works decided to buy 14 large BELAZ trucks valued at 0.5 billion UAH within the 2017 investment program.

According to the company statement, the first 130-ton BELAZ has already been put to work at the Pervomaysky quarry. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: pellets exports in January-November 2016

In January-November Poltava Mining and Processing Works, a part of Ferrexpo, exported 10.2million tons of iron ore pellets. The products were shipped to Europe and the Near East, as well as Japan, Korea and China. In the same period Central GOK exported 2 million tons of pellets, with Karelsky okatysh exporting 4.439 million tons, Mikhaylovsky…

Ukraine: pellets exports in January-September 2016

In January-September Poltava Mining and Processing Works exported 8.41 million tons of iron ore pellets. According to the state enterprise Ukrpromvneshexpertisa, the company exported pellets to Europe and the Near East, as well as Japan, China and Korea. Central GOK exported 1.71 million tons of pellets. In January-September PGOK produced 8.32 million tons of iron…

Ukraine: SevGOK reconstructs drilling machines at Pervomaysky quarry

Severniy Mining and Processing Works has completed the program of drilling machines reconstruction at its Pervomaysky quarry. Investments into machinery overhaul totaled some 10 million UAH. According to SevGOK general director Pavel Timoshenko, the repair lasted for almost six months. 2 drilling machines have been completely repaired. “Now the maintenance and repair expenses will be…