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Russia: scrap deliveries to NLMK-Ural up in October 2018

In October NLMK-Ural received 186.3 thousand tons of scrap via railroad.

According to railroad statistics, this is up by 4.5% YoY.

In January-October scrap deliveries to NLMK-Ural grew by 3.3% YoY, to 1.47 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: scrap deliveries to MMK down in October 2018

In October direct scrap deliveries to MMK totaled 283.5 thousand tons, down by 12.9% YoY.

According to the railroad statistics, in 10 months deliveries reached 1.65 million tons, up by 0.3% YoY.

Since 2012 the company has been a leader in scrap purchases via railroad. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: SZTZ ceases existing

The Service Company Severo-Zapadniy Pipe Works LLC (Saint Petersburg), earlier declared bankrupt, ceases existing. According to local mass media, the demolition of the premises has started. Earlier the land plot of 6.7 ha has been sold to Setl Group for housing construction. SZTZ used to produce water and gas pipeline pipes as well as hollow…


Russia: Chukotka gold and silver output down in January-October 2018

In January-October Chukotka Autonomous District yielded 20998 kg of gold, down by 4% YoY.

Ore gold accounted for 18424 kg, down by 6%.

Alluvial gold output totaled 2573 kg, up by 11%.

Silver extraction dropped by 12%, to 96.6 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lisichanskugol CEO resigns amid miners strike

On November 12 Valentin Kiselev, the CEO of Lisichanskugol, signed his resignation letter.

Kiselev has already removed his personal belongings form the CEO office.

Earlier Lisichanskugol miners staged a strike demanding their salary debts of 170 million UAH to be cleared and the CEO fired. (Ukrainian metal)