Russia: Antimonopoly Service to check precious metals and iron ore markets

The Federal Antimonopoly Service intends to have analyzed the competitiveness on the markets of gold and platinum by August.

According to the service deputy director on industry control management Mariya Babikova, another analysis will be carried out on the silver and iron ore concentrate markets.

She did not name the timeframe though. (Ukrainian metal)

Azerbaijan: gold price up

The cost of gold increased by almost 15.74 manats (0.7%), to 2265.7005 manats per troy ounce in Azerbaijan on March 7, according to the data published by the country’s Central Bank. The cost of silver increased by 1.3%, to 28.3712 manats per ounce, the cost of platinum by 0.22%, to 1640.925 manats, while the cost…

Tajikistan: Zeravshan to resume operation

The joint Tajik-Chinese precious metals manufacturer Zeravshan is undergoing a reconstruction. “At present we are renewing the production line, thus mining has been suspended”, the company reported. Zeravshan is the largest precious metals miner in Tajikistan with the share of 70%. It was founded in 1994 on the basis of the gold-extracting factory, which began…