Ukraine: Volynugol to be reorganized

This year Volyn region miners have lost some 130 million UAH because of the unfinished construction of the mine No. 10, According to the regional authorities, some 600 million UAH are needed to commission the first stage of the mine. Then the enterprise has to earn money for the second and third stages itself. The…

Ukraine: Volynugol miners on strike

On November 27, 21 miners of the Buzhanskaya mine went on strike. The miners of the third and the fourths shifts remained underground. The protest started after salary was not paid. “The Buzhanskaya miners were not paid August salary in full, and only 10% for September, with nothing for October”, the chairman of the Independent…

Ukraine: Volynugol property to be sold

The court allowed selling the property of the state enterprise Volynugol because of its debts, as it had not been paying land tax. According to the head of the State Fiscal Service department in Volyn region Svetlana Savchuk, despite the 4.5 billion UAH payments to the budgets of all levels in January-October, there is a…

Ukraine: Volyn miners on strike

Miners of the Novovolynskaya No. 9 and Buzhanskaya mines have been striking for two days, refusing to go underground. They demand payment of salary for July and August. They also want Alexander Zorin to remain the CEO of the state enterprise Volynugol. According to some sources Andrei Pilipyuk could become a new general director. The…

Ukraine: Volynugol coal output down

The situation at the state enterprise Volynugol has been discussed at the region state administration. According to the administration chairman Vladimir Gunchik, the Volynugol results are by far not the best among coal industry enterprises. “Coal mining has dropped by 57 thousand tons”, he said. The miners haven’t been paid salary for 1.5 months. “That’s…

Ukraine: Volynugol buys expensive self-rescuers

Volynugol ordered Zakhystprom Trade LLC the delivery of filtering equipment valued at 3.23 million UAH. By the end of the year the company will have supplied 340 self-rescuers at 9500 UAH apiece. In April Lisichanskugol bought similar self-rescuers from another supplier at 8326 UAH apiece, or 12% cheaper. In Russia, according to Lvivugol, such self-rescuers…

Ukraine: Volynugol bankruptcy stopped

The Rovno commercial court of appeals has cancelled the ruling of the Commercial court of the Volyn region dated February 21, which initiated the bankruptcy of the state-run Volynugol. The state enterprise has been in the process of going bankrupt since March 2. The appeal on the bankruptcy ruling was filed by the Ministry of…

Ukraine: Volynugol to be reorganized

The new director of Volynugol Alexander Zorin could reorganize the enterprise, according to the Volyn regional state administration (RSA) chairman Vladimir Gunchik. He said Zorin had to prepare the reorganization plan by October 10-11. Then it will have to be approved of at Novovolynsk city council, Volyn RSA and the Ministry of energy and coal…

Ukraine: Volynugol director resigns

General director of Volynugol Valentin Kiselev has resigned after his meeting with the minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik.

Earlier the mine groups of Volyn have asked the minister and the director of coal and peat department Anatoly Korsun to fire Valentin Kiselev from his office. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Volynugol new director wants all mine management dismissed

Buzhanskaya miners have addressed the President of Ukraine, the minister of energy, people’s deputies and local authorities telling them of the illegal actions of the new acting CEO of Volynugol Valentin Kiselev.

Ukraine: Volynugol gets money to pay salary

Volynugol has received 18 million UAH to clear November and partially December salary debts to Buzhanskaya and Novovolynskaya #9 miners.

Ukraine: China to invest into Volyn mines

The head of the Volyn region administration Vladimir Ginchuk met the representatives of Sanyi (China) willing to invest $3.5 billion into Ukraine. The company has some experience in working with mining companies from the East of Ukraine. But they are also interested in the Volyn coal basin.

Ukraine: miners threaten to lap Yagodin customs

The Independent Miners Union of Ukraine, Volynugol and Novovolynskaya mine #1 have decided to invade the Yagodin customs if they are not paid 2.5-months salary debts.

Ukraine: 45 million UAH embezzlement found at Volynugol

The State Financial Inspection has finished checking the state enterprise Volynugol. For less than 3 years the company management embezzled 45.8 million UAH. Their violations accounted for over 7 million UAH, while the non-received profit totaled 38.7 million UAH.