Ukraine: coal deal showcases lack of transparency

Ukraine’s police are investigating two companies and a factory over a coal deal, which some anti-corruption campaigners say epitomizes the difficulties of doing business in the Eastern European country. The sums involved in the deal are small but the Anti-Corruption Action Center, an independent watchdog, says it illustrates the lack of transparency in Ukrainian business,…

Ukraine: 25 million UAH envisioned in state budget for Novovolynskaya mine No. 10.

The state budget for 2019 will provide for 25 million UAH for the Novovolynskaya mine No. 10.

This will help keep the mine in trouble-free operation.

The volume of financing is optimal until the Ministry of energy and coal industry decides on the further operation of the mine or until it is privatized. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Novolynskaya mine raided

Mikhail Volynets, the chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine, has reported a raider attempt to seize the Novovolynskaya mine No. 9. “Early on September 10 some 30 unidentified people arrived at the enterprise with the acting CEO of the state enterprise Volynugol Andrei Pilipyuk. They refused to identify themselves, they all wore black…

Ukraine: 400 thousand UAH embezzled on Volynugol mine construction

During the construction of a mine in Lviv region, the prosecutors have uncovered embezzlement of funds.

The Chervonograd prosecutor’s office has found out that during the mine construction, the volume of the works was illegally increased by 400 thousand UAH.

The mine belongs to the state enterprise Volynugol. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Volynugol mines cut off grid

The electricity supplier has cut the state enterprise Volynugol mines off grid because of the debt. “Since the second shift on July 4, the Regional Electric Networks has stopped supplying electricity to the Volynugol mines”, Mikhail Volynets, chairman of the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine, wrote on his Facebook page. According to him, the regional…

Ukraine: Volynugol to be reorganized

This year Volyn region miners have lost some 130 million UAH because of the unfinished construction of the mine No. 10, According to the regional authorities, some 600 million UAH are needed to commission the first stage of the mine. Then the enterprise has to earn money for the second and third stages itself. The…

Ukraine: Volynugol miners on strike

On November 27, 21 miners of the Buzhanskaya mine went on strike. The miners of the third and the fourths shifts remained underground. The protest started after salary was not paid. “The Buzhanskaya miners were not paid August salary in full, and only 10% for September, with nothing for October”, the chairman of the Independent…