Russia: KUZOTsM output up in January-November 2018

In January-November Kamensk-Uralsky Non-ferrous Metals Processing Works produced 22 thousand tons of wares, up by 3% YoY.

Non-ferrous metals output was 18.8 thousand tons, up by 11%.

The increase in output is the result of the exhibition activity development.

This year the company has participated in 5 major international exhibitions. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: KUMZ commissions hot-rolling mill finishing stand

Under the program to increase capacity Kamensk-Uralsky Iron and Steel Works has commissioned a Danieli-Freling finishing stand of the hot-rolling mill. At present the company is testing other machinery as well. The rolling complex project will allow the company producing qualitatively new semi-finished products. The design capacity of the complex is 166 thousand tons. Since…

Russia: Moscow supplier bankrupting KUMZ

Kamensk-Uralsky Iron and Steel Works has received a bankruptcy action for the debt of 753.6 thousand rubles.

The claimant is a Moscow company TD Trackt.

The Sverdlovsk arbitrary court is entertaining another action against KUMZ for the debt of 782.3 thousand rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: KUMZ profit down in 2017

In 2017 Kamensk-Uralsky Iron and Steel Works received 769.35 million rubles of net profit, down 9-fold YoY.

In 2016 the net profit exceeded 6.8 billion rubles.

Revenue grew by 10%, to 24.98 billion rubles.

Sales profit last year increased by 10%, to 3.97 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: KUMZ profits down in H1 2017

In January-June Kamensk-Uralsky Iron and Steel Works received 60.4 million rubles of profit, down 60-fold YoY.

EBITDA totaled 117 million rubles against 4.6 billion rubles in H1 2016.

At the same time revenue increased by 6.5%, to 12.38 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)