Russia: Anadyr coal deposits to get new machinery

The Corporation of the Far East Development received 24 offers on investment cooperation in the free port of Vladivostok. Three of them were submitted by the potential residents of the Chukotka Autonomous District. In particular, the Ugolnaya Mine intends to purchase new equipment, machinery and spare parts, thus improving the coal mining capacity at the…

Russia: Yakutia gold output up in H1 2018

In January-June the Republic of Yakutia increased gold output by 16% YoY, to 8055.26 kg.

Moreover, the output is 3.5% above the half-year target.

This year Yakutia intends to obtain 25 tons of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: truck driver injured at UGOK

An accident happened at Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works on July 24.

A truck driver was injured while replacing wheels. He got his nose, jaw and hand damaged.

A special commission has been created to investigate the accident. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Omega extracts 250 kg of gold

Since the start of the washing season Omega LLC has extracted 250 kg of alluvial gold. The company is operating in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). This year the company is working at three sites, but the main amount of gold was obtained at the Lazo deposits. In 2018 Omega intends to extract 300 kg…

Russia: Komsomolskaya mine starts developing new long face

Komsomolskaya mine of Vorkutaugol has put into operation a new long face 612 with the reserves of 821 thousand tons of coal.

The length of the face is 300 meters, and the width – 2.2 meters.

The long face will be developed until April 2019. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: UMMC expecting output increase in 2018

This year Ural Mining-Metallurgical Company intends to improve output.

In particular, it expects to produce 390-400 thousand tons of cathode copper. In H1 the company produced 190-200 thousand tons.

Zinc output is forecast on the level of 280 thousand tons, ferrous metals – 1 million tons, and coal – 45-46 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: EMSS and Ilva sign roll supplying contract

Energomashspetsstal has received a new order from Ilva SPA (Italy).

According to the agreement signed in February, EMSS will produce and deliver to Milan 3 supporting rolls for cold-rolling mills.

The total weight of the order is 84 tons.

The rolls have to be delivered in H1 2019. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ZTZ sales up in June 2018

In June Zagorsky Pipe Works sold 43.4 thousand tons of metal via railroad, up 20-fold YoY.

In January-June deliveries grew 8-fold, to 153.8 thousand tons.

All metal via railroad is sold to domestic customers only. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Amurmetal sales up in June 2018

In June Amurmetal sold 49.5 thousand tons of metal, up 11-fold YoY.

In January-June sales reached 227.3 thousand tons, up 11-fold.

Russian customers received 80 thousand tons, while 147.6 thousand tons were exported. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: scrap deliveries to Amurmetal up in June 2018

In June, according to the railroad statistics, direct supplies of scrap to Amurmetal totaled 53.6 thousand tons.

This is almost 80-fold more YoY.

In January-June deliveries reached 223.4 thousand tons, up 5-fold YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rise obtains 250 kg of gold

Since the start of the season Rise LLC, a gold-extracting company of the Magadan region, has obtained over 250 kg of the precious metal. The plan for this year is 700 kg of alluvial gold. Last year the company yielded 569.5 kg of gold. The company is operating at two sites – the Pravaya Vizualnaya…

Russia: Yakutugol renews car-cleaning machinery

Yakutugol has purchased a new KamAZ with a clamshell.

The cost of the machine is some 7.5 million rubles.

The machine will make the process of cleaning cars of snow completely automated.

The KamAZ will also be used for loading and unloading. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Altai-Koks puts into operation air-purifying system

Altai-Koks has finished the reconstruction of the air-purification system in the coal preparation shop on the territory of the car dumps.

The new machinery allowed increasing air purification of dust from 75% to 99.5% and improving labor conditions.

Investments in the project totaled 100 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Polyus gold output up in Q2 2018

The gold production of Russia’s Polyus increased by 23% YoY, to 602,000 ounces in April-June, the company said in a statement on July 24.

In January-June the output rose by 18% YoY, to 1.109 million ounces.

Sales increased by 6%, to $1.291 billion at the average price of $1.317 per ounce. (Prime/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Ormet commissions Djusinskiy mine

Ormet has reached the design capacity of the surface stowage facilities of the Djusinskiy mine. The capacity of the facilities is 6 thousand cubic meters of fill rock per month. The construction size of the facilities is 1800 square meters. Ormet obtained the license to develop the Djusinskoye deposits in Orenburg region in 1999. Until…