Ukraine: $150 million needed to put DMK into operation

In order for Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Combine to operate all its three furnaces $150 million are needed.

According to the management, the company has enough raw materials for 10 days of 2 furnaces operation, provided in three days coal and coke will start arriving at the works. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Nornickel to get ChTZ tractors

Chelyabisnk Tractor Works has concluded a contract for delivery of three bulldozers to Norilsk Nickel. The companies have been cooperating for many years, and all the tractors supplied to the metal works are specifically designed for operation in the North. This time ChTZ will supply two B11 tractors and one B10M. At first the tractors…

CIS: steel output down in May 2017

In May Russia produced 5.953 million tons of steel, down by 1.5% YoY. In January-May steel output in Russia totaled 29.835 million tons, up by 2% YoY. Ukraine decreased steel output in May by 25.5% YoY, to 1.689 million tons. In 5 months steel output decreased by 15.8% YoY, to 8.91 million tons. Kazakhstan produced…

Ukraine: Donetsk terrorists to flood mines

In the occupied Yenakievo (Donetsk region), the Russia-supported terrorists intend to flood the Poltavskaya and Yenakievskaya mines, which will result in the flooding of the Yuniy kommunar mine, where in 1979 an underground nuclear explosion was carried out. The electricity at the mines will be cut off on June 30, and the water will start…

Russia: Uchaly GOK buys new machines

Within the modernization program Uchaly Mining and Processing Works has purchased 2 Caterpillar R1600H load-haul-dump machines at 32 million rubles apiece.

The volume of their ladles is 5 cubic meters.

The new machines will be used at the Uzelginsky mine. (Ukrainian metal)