Ukraine: DMKD greets new CEO

Maxim Zavgorodny, the ex-CEO of Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works named after Dzerzhinsky, has introduced the new manager to the company. The acting CEO will be the technical director of the company Vyacheslav Mospan.

Ukraine: Alchevsk puts blast furnace #3 into operation

Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works has put its blast furnace #3 into operation after the overhaul. Thus the company now operates 2 blast furnaces – 3 and 5.

Ukraine: metal prices down in October 2015

In October industrial products price index totaled 97.6% as opposed to 102% in September. This is without the temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and the ATO zone.

Ukraine: European market to welcome metal constructions

In the near future Ukrainian manufacturers of metal constructions will be in demand on the European market, Polish in particular, and would also be able to sell to the developing regions of the ex-USSR area, says Ukrstalkonstruktsiya CEO Vladimir Nosov.

Ukraine: ZTMK aiming at space market

Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Works, a part of Group DF, has completed the final stage of the EN 9100:2009 quality management audit.

Ukraine: terrorist-controlled mines boasting coal output rise

Mines situated on the territory of the Donetsk region, not controlled by Ukraine, increase coal output. In October coal companies mined 1.39 million tons of coal. While Ukraine-controlled mines yielded only 1.14 million tons of coal.

Ukraine: Azovstal output down in January-October 2015

In January-October Azovstal Iron and Steel Works produced 2.59 million tons of rolled metal, down by 6.3% YoY.

Ukraine: steel semis export-import in January-October 2015

In January-October Ukraine exported 6.19 million tons of carbon steel semi-finished products worth $2.98 billion, down by 22.2% and 45% YoY respectively.

Ukraine: Dniepropetrovsk earns 23 billion UAH

In September industrial companies of the Dniepropetrovsk region earned 23.5 billion UAH.

Ukraine: metal industry starting to revive

In September Ukraine increased metal output by 3% YoY, according to the National bank recent report. The bank analysts have dubbed this “the breaking of falling tendency in metallurgy” and connected it to the ceasefire in the ATO zone.

Ukraine: VAT debt to Metinvest exceeds 2.3 billion UAH

The state debt to the Metinvest companies increased in October by 13.1%, from 2.06 billion to 2.33 billion UAH.

Ukraine: DTEK waves all accusations of terrorism sponsoring

“DTEK has always worked and is working solely in the law field of Ukraine. We have no agreements with companies, registered at the Ukraine-uncontrolled territory, so all accusations of us financing the terrorists are groundless”, said DTEK Energo.

Ukraine: Donetsk mines to unite

Coalfields and central processing factories should be returned to the state ownership, said the head of the Donetsk regional military-civilian administration Pavel Zhebrivsky.

Ukraine: $30 million worth of coke bought in Canada

Canada has supplied $30.5 million worth of coking coal to Ukraine, up by 123% YoY.

Ukraine: Centravis reports planned purchases

Centravis Production Ukraine, a part of Centravis Ltd., has decided to publish its information on planned purchases.

Ukraine: UGOK concentrate output down in October 2015

In October Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works (UGOK) produced 881.7 thousand tons of concentrate, down by 4.1% MoM, or by 37.9 thousand tons.

Ukraine: Alchevsk output down in January-October 2015

In January-October Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works, controlled by the Industrial Union of Donbass, produced 301 thousand tons of rolled metal, down by 86.9% YoY.

Ukraine: scrap export-import in January-October 2015

In January-October Ukraine exported 1124.98 thousand tons of scrap, up by 41.1% YoY (from 797.48 thousand tons).