Ukraine: Russia processing factory bought

Ukrdorinvest LLC (Kiev) has purchased 73.5% of the Central processing factory “Russia” shares (Donetsk region).

As of Q2, 75.49% of shares belonged to DRFC LLC, while Ukrdorinvest owned only 24.5%.

Two more processing factories wanted to buy shares – Ukraina and Mirnogradskaya.

Ukrdorinvest also owns 24.5% in Mirnogradskaya processing factory. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coal consumption to grow

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry believes that in 2019 power-generating coal consumption by power plants will grow by 4.4% YoY, to 27.75 million tons. In particular, it is expected that 5.1 million tons of anthracite and 22.65 million tons of gas coal will be consumed. 4.67 million tons of anthracite will be imported,…