Russia: CherMK finishes BF1 repairs

Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works has finished the capital repairs of its blast furnace No. 1.

The cost of the repairs was some 1.8 billion rubles. The work has been carried out 9 days earlier.

The repair lasted for 33 days. The work prolonged the BF1 operation by at least 7 years. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Zapadnaya Coal Company mines 390 thousand tons of coal

In January-August the Zapadnaya Coal Company mined 390.6 thousand tons of coal at the Krutoyarsky site of the Konstantinovskoye deposits, up 2.5-fold YoY.

This year the company intends to yield 450 thousand tons of coal. Thus, so far the target has been 87% complete. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Sakhalin mines 4.7 million tons of coal

In January-August Sakhalin region mined 4.7 million tons of coal, up 1.4-fold YoY.

At present 10 enterprises mine for coal in the region, with two companies – Solntsevskiy coal pit LLC and Gornyak LLC – accounting for 65%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Metalloinvest shuffles board of directors

Metalloinvest has changed the composition of its board of directors. The new board comprises Ivan Streshinsky, chairman, Galina Aglyamova, independent non-executive director, Andrey Varichev, executive director, Valery Kazikayev, independent non-executive director, Nikolay Krylov, independent non-executive director, Irina Lupicheva, non-executive director, Pavel Mitrofanov, non-executive director, Gleb Kostikov, non-executive director, and Dmitry Tarasov, independent director. The board…

Uzbekistan: India intends to start uranium purchases

India intends to purchase uranium from Uzbekistan to replenish its strategic reserves. The parties are currently negotiating the matter. The first meetings of the delegations took place two months after the meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Astana. The…

Russia: OMK expects rise in revenue in 2017

Russia’s United Metallurgical Company (OMK) expects revenue to grow on the year in 2017, while EBIDTA may remain flat, core owner and the board of directors’ Chairman Anatoly Sedykh reported. In 2016, OMK’s revenue fell by 13% YoY, to 140 billion rubles and EBITDA decreased by 1%, to 34.9 billion rubles. “I think that the…

Russia: scrap exports down in July 2017

In July, according to the customs statistics, Russia exported 548 thousand tons of ferrous scrap, down by 7.7% MoM and by 3% YoY. In June scrap exports grew by 39.9% and by 6%, while in May they dropped by 13% and by 29% respectively. In January-July Russia exported 2.7 million tons of scrap, down by…

Russia: Mechel-Service sales up in January-July

In January-July Mechel-Service increased metal sales from warehouses by 2% YoY. “In 7 months of 2016 we shipped 852 thousand tons of products, this year – 871 thousand tons. Our sales network has expanded: we have opened a site in Biysk. Soon our subsidiaries will appear in Izhevsk and Volgograd”, the company CEO Leonid Polyansky…