Ukraine: Avdiivka Coke gets new machinery

Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Works has received a new tar separator.

The machine removes resinous substances from the water that cools coking gas.

At the moment the company is laying the foundation for the machine and purchasing metal structures.

The commissioning of the tar separator is scheduled for summer. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: RM-Steel starts supplying bulb plates for Voyevoda project

RM-Steel LLC has won a tender to supply bulb plates for the construction of the Voyevoda Project 23700 ship.

The company started supplying the metal in January.

The vessel will be able to carry 4 boats and 2 helicopters. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Olkon mining reaches 2017 target

In 2017 the mining group of Olkon was able to meet its ore-mining target. “We were able to decrease the lag from the first half of the year on rock transportation from 600 thousand cubic meters to 200 thousand. Safety target was not reached. We will work on it this year”, the company director Alexander…

Ukraine: AMKR uses Single Window for employees

Almost 100,000 people have used the service center in 2.5 years since its creation. Social service provided by PJSC ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih is used by both current employees and the retired workers. The principle of a “single window” enables shortening formal procedures and makes certificates and documents flow automated. Annually, more than 20 thousand of…

Russia: UAC and Titanium Vale to create machine processing shop for titanium alloys

The United Aircraft Corporation and the special economic zone Titanium Vale have concluded an agreement to create a shop to machine-process titanium alloy wares.

The shop will increase titanium manufacture in the city of Verkhnyaya Salda. Thus, Russian aircraft constructors will be able to decrease prime cost. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Gaysky GOK gets new locomotive

The railroad shop of Gaysky Mining and Processing Works has received a new locomotive produced by Shadrinsk Assembly Works.

“The modernization program allows us to improve operation of the locomotive, as well as decrease fuel usage and pollution”, the company railroad shop director Alexander Makogon reported.

In particular, savings in fuel reach 20%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Nakhodka terminal coal handling down

Stevedore company Terminal Astafiev located in Russia’s Far East, has cut its coal handling by 95,500 tons, or by about 50%, to reduce handling of dust-forming cargoes and to improve environment in the city of Nakhodka, the Primorsky region’s government said in a statement on February 9. The region’s acting governor Andrei Tarasenko and the…

Ukraine: coal imports up in January 2018

In January Ukraine increased coal imports 1.8-fold, or by 1 million tons YoY, to 2.25 million tons. According to the State Fiscal Service, the value of the coal imported was $281.16 million, up by 64.5% YoY ($170.897 million). In particular, Russia supplied $170.579 million worth of coal (60.67%), USA – $91.017 million (32.37%), Canada –…

Ukraine: Interpipe sales up in 2017

In 2017 Interpipe increased sales by 35% YoY, to 767 thousand tons. According to the company statement, this is the best result in 3 years. In particular, pipe deliveries to the Ukrainian market grew by 29%, to 148 thousand tons, mostly because of the gas output increase. Combined sales in the Americas totaled 90 thousand…

Russia: Sibcable metal processing up in 2017

In 2017 Sibcable increased copper processing to 15 thousand tons and aluminum – to 2.7 thousand tons. In 2016 the company processed 14.1 thousand tons of copper and 2.1 thousand tons of aluminum. The combined increase totaled 1.5 thousand tons. According to the company manufacturing director Sergey Lipovka, the growth of processing and manufacture is…

Ukraine: coke exports down in January 2018

In January Ukraine exported 3.027 thousand tons of coke valued at $884 thousand, down 4.3-fold and by 45.1% YoY respectively. According to the State Fiscal Service, the main customers were Belarus (48.3%), Russia (27.6%) and Romania (16.87%). At the same time, Ukraine imported 156.913 thousand tons of coke valued at $44.598 million, up 2.1-fold and…

Ukraine: titanium ore exports down in January 2018

In January Ukraine exported 37.422 thousand tons of titanium-containing ore and concentrate, down by 33.9% YoY, valued at $7.115 million, down by 1.8%. According to the State Fiscal Service, the main importers were Turkey (45.31%), the Czech Republic (15.73%) and China (10.32%). Last month Ukraine imported 805 tons of titanium-containing ores valued at $163 thousand.…

Ukraine: ISD CEO detained in Moscow

A number of media reported that on February 7 the Oleg Mkrtchan, CEO of the Industrial Union of Donbass, was detained in Moscow.

The corporation has no information on the reasons of the detainment.

Sources say the detainment might have something to do with the embezzlement of funds. (Ukrainian metal)