Russia: Buryatia yields 2.1 tons of gold

In January-June the Republic of Buryatia extracted 2128.9 kg of gold, on the previous year level.

At the same time ore gold output increased by 8% YoY, to 1712.8 kg, while that of alluvial gold dropped by 24%, to 416.1 kg.

Last year the republic yielded 5677.9 kg of gold. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Rosgeologia to look for gold in Kabardino-Balkaria

Rosgeologia will carry our prospecting works for ore gold on Levoberezhnoye ore field.

The corresponding agreement has been concluded in summer.

The site with the size of 6.62 square km is situated in the Cherek district of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria.

The project is to be completed by early 2021. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: 84.6% of rolled metal produced exported in H1 2018

In January-June Ukraine exported 7.82 million tons of rolled metal, or 84.6% of all the metal manufacture, almost on par with H1 2017 level.

Semi-finished products accounted for 44.9%, up from 41.2%.

Flat rolled metal was 33.3% against 33.9% last year.

Bars’ share dropped to 21.8% from 24.9%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VSMPO-Avisma RAS net profit down in H1 2018

The net profit of VSMPO-Avisma fell by 0.9% YoY, to 8.716 billion rubles in January-June, as calculated under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS), the company said in a report on July 26.

Revenue increased by 5.7%, to 38.282 billion rubles.

Titanium sales grew by almost 6%, to 15,000 tons in the period. (Prime/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Russky Ugol coal output in Amur region up in H1 2018

In January-June Russky Ugol mined over 1.6 million tons of coal in Amur region, up by 5% YoY.

The Severo-Vostochny pit, the oldest coalmining enterprise in the region, exceeded the output target by 25%.

The mining there started in 1932. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Severstal expands product range

Severstal has mastered the manufacture of polymer-coated rolled metal with the colored backside. Thanks to using protective colored enamel on the backside instead of the traditional grey, the cost of the final product becomes lower compared with the double-sided coating. Another novelty is the Steel Cashmere – GRS (glide rain slim). This is galvanized metal…

Russia: Evraz steel output down in H1 2018

Steel production of the U.K.-based mining giant Evraz, which operates mainly in Russia, shrank by 2.3% YoY, to 6.832 million tons in January-June, the company said in a statement on July 26. Cast iron production fell by 7.7%, to 5.252 million tons in the period. In April-June the company’s steel output fell by 3.9% QoQ,…

Belarus: metal output up in January-May 2018

In January-May Belarus increased metal output by 9.3% YoY, to Br2.9 billion. Metal products accounted for 6% in the overall industrial output. Belarus exports metal to Russia, Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Ukraine. In 5 months $920.6 million worth of metal were exported, or 7.1% of the total exports. The metal industry is represented…

Russia: Stoilensky GOK to speed up ore delivery

Stoilensky Mining and Processing Works will optimize the delivery of the ore from the quarry to the processing factory.

In particular, the company will build infrastructure to decrease the railroad route by 5 km.

The new railroad will be commissioned in 2020. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: ZALK profits up in H1 2018

In January-June Zaporozhye Aluminum Works increased its net profit 71.7% YoY, to 390.898 million UAH.

The uncovered losses as of the late June totaled 6.619 billion UAH.

In H1 the works did not produce anything.

In 2017 ZALK decreased net losses 2.9-fold YoY, to 279.486 million UAH. (Ukrainian metal)