Ukraine: Lvivugol miners start getting October 2018 salary

On November 26 Lvivugol received funds from the sale of coal.

All the money was spent to pay salary to miners for October.

Still, the funds were enough only to cover 10% of the salary. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Yakutugol replacing machinery at processing factory

Yakutugol is commissioning two filter-presses and three pumps at the Neryungrinskaya processing factory.

Investments exceed 37 million rubles.

Each press can process 24 tons of coal mass per hour.

The company plans to buy 5 more pumps shortly. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChermK completes continuous picking machine repair

Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works has finished the capital repair of the continuous picking machine No. 3.

The repair lasted for 5 days.

Investments totaled 17 million rubles.

The continuous picking machine No. 3 processes some 50% of the plants metal. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: AMKR operating in stable mode as not exporting from Mariupol and Berdyansk

ArcelorMittal Kirviy Rih says the company is operating in normal mode and all the manufacturing processes are stable. “Managers of the supply, manufacture, railroad, automobile and marine logistics departments confirm stable operation. The railroad and automobile services are working normally, and so is our own cargo terminal “Nikmet-Terminal” in the Nikolayev Sea Trade Port, from…

Russia: Krivbass finishes washing season

The gold-extracting company the Krivbass Team LCC has finished the washing season of 2018 with 602 kg of gold. The main company accounted for the most gold – 558 kg. The rest (44 kg) was extracted by the daughter company – The team named after Berzin LLC. The company is developing alluvial gold sites in…

Kazakhstan: AMT blows BF3

Despite difficulties following the accident at pipelines, the ArcelorMittal Temirtau blast furnace shop employees were able to timely finish the scheduled repair of the blast furnace No. 3. The previous repair was carried out in November 2017. Following the present repair the pig iron output will reach 5.6-6 thousand tons per day. On November 21…

Russia: NLMK to increase electricity output

NLMK intends to increase 1.5-fold the output of its own electricity having constructed a heat electric generation plant at its Lipetsk site operating on the secondary fuel gas (wastes of metal manufacture). The cost of the project is 35 billion rubles. The plant will use the gas that is created when smelting pig iron in…

Russia: Severstal-Metiz shares experience in road construction

Severstal-Metiz is participating in the First International Transport Infrastructure Forum in St. Petersburg. The participants are sharing their experience in road design and construction. Severstal-Metiz presented its own developments. Almost all of the major infrastructure projects in Moscow region have been created using the company products. “Infrastructure construction is one of the main industries for…

Russia: Borodinsky Pit exceeds annual coal output plan

Borodinsky Pit named after Schadov, a subsidiary of SUEK, has reached the annual coal output target in advance.

This year the target was 19 million tons of coal.

Until the end of the year the company plans to mine 2 million tons of coal more. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChTPZ railroad sales down in October 2018

In October ChTPZ shipped 61.2 thousand tons of metal via railroad, down by 41.4% YoY.

In January-October sales reached 931 thousand tons, up by 1.9% YoY.

Deliveries to Russian customers totaled 764 thousand tons, up by 18% YoY, while exports fell by 37.2%, to 166.8 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)