Ukraine: no coke imported in July 2018

In July metal companies received 808 thousand tons of coke, up by 9% MoM. All the coke was of domestic origin. As in two previous months, no coke was imported in July. In January-July Ukrainian metal companies received 5.63 million tons of coke, up by 9% YoY, including 5.37 million tons of Ukrainian coke, up…

Russia: ChTPZ ships first batch of pipes for Vostochniy launch site

ChTPZ has delivered the first 130 tons of seamless pipes to Tyazhmash.

The pipes with the diameter of 426 mm and the wall thickness of 25 mm will be used to construct a tower and a set of cargo-lifting machinery of the Vostochniy launch site.

ChTPZ has been cooperating with Tyazhmash since 2010. (Ukrainian metal)

Uzbekistan: foreign company to manage two major metal works

The government of Uzbekistan has allowed SFi Management Group to manage two largest metal works – Uzmetkombinat and Almalyk Mining and Processing Works. The task of the company is to effectively carry out investment projects, increase the share of high added value products, optimize import expenses and decrease prime cost. The agreement between Almalyk and…

Russia: pipe exports up in H1 2018

In January-June Russia exported 1.45 million tons of pipes valued at $1651 million, up by 53.3% and by 103.4% YoY respectively. Finland imported 27% of pipes, up by 5% YoY. Turkey increased imports 12-fold, to 19.7%. Kazakhstan decreased imports by 4.8% YoY, to 12%. 97% of pipes imported by Turkey and Finland are large diameter…

Russia: ferrous metals scrap imports from Kazakhstan down in H1 2018

In June, according to the customs statistics, Russia imported 66 thousand tons of ferrous scrap from Kazakhstan, down by 12.4% YoY.

The average price ons the Russian border was $259.4 per ton.

In January-June deliveries totaled 221.6 thousand tons, down by 22% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Koks places 5-year bonds

Koks, a part of PMH, has set the final rate of the first coupon of the BO-05 5-year bonds with the volume of 5 billion rubles on the level of 9.2%.

The sale was organized by Alfa-bank and Sberbank CIB.

At present Koks has no ruble bonds in circulation. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: NZF becomes private

Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, the largest silicomanganese and ferromanganese manufacturer in Ukraine, has been re-registered from the public joint-stock company into a private joint-stock company. The state re-registration took place on August 17. The re-registration was carried out according to the corresponding decision of the general shareholders meeting on August 3. The shareholders have also replaced…

Russia: MMK-Metiz management system level confirmed

MMK-Metiz has successfully passed the inspection for the correspondence to three international standards, two of which regulated quality management control and the third – the environment management control. In particular, the standards are IATF 16049:2016 (quality management system for car manufacturers), ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system) and ISO 14001:2015 (environment management system). The company has…

Ukraine: KZhRK output down in January-July 2018

In January-July Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Industrial Complex produced 2.896 million tons of iron ore, down by 7.1% YoY.

In July the output was 428 thousand tons.

Last year KZhRK increased iron ore manufacture by 1.5% YoY, to 5.074 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)