Ukraine: Ferrexpo attracts $195-million loan

Ferrexpo, controlling Poltava and Yeristovo Mining and Processing Works, has attracted a 3-year $195-million loan. The loan has been organized by BNP Paribas and issued by 6 international entities. The loan has to be repaid by December 31, 2020. In January-September Ferrexpo exported 7.526 million tons of pellets. In 2016 the group received $189.2 million…

Russia: NLMK named best in Metals & Mining reports

NLMK Group, an international steel company with operations in Russia, the USA and the European Union, was recognized in the 20th Annual Report Competition organized by the Moscow Exchange and RBC Group. NLMK topped the Best Annual Report in Metals & Mining category. NLMK also received a special Long-Standing Leadership award. NLMK Group is committed…

Kazakhstan: gold output up in January-October 2017

In January-October the quantity of unwrought gold extracted in Kazakhstan equaled to 70.248 kg, up by 15.5% YoY.

According to the Statistics Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of National Economy, in the reporting period the output of unwrought silver amounted to 870,911 kg, down by 12.8% YoY. (Kazinform/Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Tagmet net loss down in Q3 2017

In Q3 Taganrog Iron and Steel Works received the net loss of 36.8 million rubles. In Q2 the net loss was 357 million rubles. And in Q3 2016 – 635 million rubles. In January-September Tagmet received 452 million rubles of losses, down from 962 million rubles in January-September 2016. Tagmet revenue in Q3 increased by…

Azerbaijan: gold output up in January-October 2017

In January-October Azerbaijan produced 5107.5 kg of gold, up 3.2-fold YoY.

According to the State Statistics Committee, in October gold output totaled 672.9 kg.

In 2016 Azerbaijan obtained 1894.1 kg of gold, down by 15%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VSMPO-Avisma net profit down in January-September 2017

In January-September the net profit of VSMPO-Avisma dropped by 30% YoY, or by 6 billion rubles, to 15.09 billion rubles.

Revenues decreased by 775 million rubles, to 55.1 billion rubles.

Fixed liabilities increased from 39.1 billion rubles to 64.7 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: KMEZ assembles new electrolysis baths

Kyshtym Electrolytic Copper Plant has finished the assembly of two additional rows of electrolysis baths within the program to increase copper cathode capacities.

Each row includes 40 ferroconcrete baths.

The project will increase cathode output by 16.7%, to 140 thousand tons per year.

Investments in the modernization are estimated at 420 million rubles. (Ukrainian metal)