Russia: Karabashmed repairs machinery

Karabashmed has carried out scheduled repairs of its chemical and metallurgical machinery. All the planned work was performed in full and according to the schedule. From the moment of the complete halt of the process till the start of the furnace warming, only 9 hours elapsed. In the metal shop the company repaired the main…

Russia: Petropavlovsk gold reserves up in 2017

Petropavlovsk Plc, which extract gold from 4 mines, in 2017 increased JORC gold reserves by 8% YoY, or by 670 thousand ounces. The company resources grew by 6%, or by 1.17 million ounces. According to the company statement, the resources and reserves grew due to the successful prospecting at the Pioner and Albyn deposits. As…

Russia: coal exports up in January-February 2018

Export of Russian coal in January-February increased by 4% YoY, to 28.6 million tons, the Ministry of Energy said.

In February coal exports totaled 13.988 million tons.

Coal mining in January-February amounted to 69.233 million tons, of which 61.100 million tons were delivered. (PortNews/Ukrainian metal)

EEU: duty on Interpipe wheels up

The Eurasian Economic Committee has increased the import duty of Ukrainian steel wheels with the diameter of 710 mm from 4.75% to 34.22%. The decision has been published on the EEC site and comes into effect in 30 days. The previous investigation ended with the setting of the antidumping duty of 4.75% for 5 years…

Russia: scrap exports down on 2017

In 2017 Russia exported 5.37 million tons of steel scrap, down by 4.4% YoY. According to the customs statistics, this is the lowest volume of exports in the past 4 years. Revenue increased by 21%, to $1.329 billion. Turkey imported the most scrap – 44% of the volume, down by 3.9%, but Russia’s revenue grew…

Russia: ChMZ aiming at foreign markets

This year Chepets Mechanical Works intends to actively develop foreign markets by promoting its products.

“We understand, that if we want to further increase revenue, we have to enter the world markets”, the company CEO Deniz Anischuk said.

The company has already signed agreements on the supply of titanium products. (Ukrainian metal)