Ukraine: Mariupol metal companies not to fire employees

Following the increase of the minimal wage to 3200 UAH from January 1, metal companies of Mariupol, nevertheless, do not plan to fire employees. According to Azovstal HR director Konstantin Voitsekhovsky, all the jobs have been kept. “As of January the average salary was 10 thousand UAH. That’s considerably higher compared to the average salary…

Ukraine: coke output down in January 2017

In January Ukrainian by-product coke works produced 1.008 million tons of 6% moisture coke, down by 7.5% YoY. December 2016 saw the output on the level of 997 thousand tons. “In January there was a slight increase in production, but February will be a failure. Alchevskkoks has halted, Yenakievo, Makeevka, and Yasinovsky Coke Works all…

Russia: Yakutugol buys new excavator

The Neryungrinsky open-pit mine, a part of Yakutugol, has put into operation a Liebherr R 9200 excavator valued at 220 million rubles.

The machine was purchased within the modernization program.

This is the first time that such an excavator is used at the Neryungrinsky open-pit mine. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: anthracite stocks up despite blockade

The anthracite coal, the delivery of which has almost been stopped because of the ATO zone blockade, is only transported to the Lugansk thermal power plant, situated in the Ukraine-controlled territory and belonging to DTEK. “35% of all the anthracite in stock at TPPs is that at Lugansk TPP”, energy complex department director Olga Buslavets…

Russia: aluminum output up in January 2017

In January primary aluminum output decreased by 2.3% YoY, that of aluminum alloys – went up by 8.9%. According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, aluminum powder and flakes production increased by 20.2%, that of rolled wire, rods and sections – by 25.1%, plates, sheets, strips and bars – by 33.4%, and foil –…

CIS: pig iron output up in January 2017

In January CIS-countries produced 6.855 million tons of pig iron, up by 5.6% YoY, against 6.753 million tons in December 2016.

In particular, Kazakhstan produced 345 thousand tons of pig iron, up by 16.2% YoY, Ukraine – 2030 thousand tons, up by 5.7%, and Russia – 4480 thousand tons, up by 4.8% YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: VostGOK buys transportation services

The state enterprise Vostochniy Mining and Processing Works has ordered Vento Group LLC the transportation services valued at 1.7 million UAH. By the end of January 2018 the company will have transported 39 railroad cars with uranium concentrate at 43590 UAH from the Zheltye Vody-2 station of the Pridneprovskaya railways to the station Tomsk-2 of…