Ukraine: titanium company hit by sanctions

Dmitry Firtas’ Titanoviye Investicii Company has been affected by sanctions imposed by Ukraine on Russian companies and individuals. The company was registered in June 2014 in Moscow. After the Crimea was annexed by Russia Firtas had to adapt to Russian legislation to avoid the loss of Crimean assets, so the businessman decided to move some…

Ukraine: Rusal falls under sanctions

Ukraine has imposed sanctions on Rusal and its offshore company Judson Trading Limited (Cyprus), according to the Presidential decree. The sanctions have been imposed following the companies’ activities, which pose a threat to the national security and prevent the stable economical development. In particular, Rusal has been accused of blocking assets, limiting trade operations in…

Russia: Vorkutaugol starts working on new long face

Vorgashorskaya mine of Vorkutaugol has put a new long face into operation.

The mine plans to extract 2.4 million tons of coal there, at 9.7 thousand tons per day, or 280 thousand tons per month. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Avdiivka Coke puts thermocatalytic afterburning machine into operation

Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Works is putting into operation a new thermocatalytic afterburning machine that will decrease pollution from the tar-distilling shop. Despite the difficult situation in the area and the constant lack of electricity Metinvest goes on with its program of the works modernization. In particular, the new machine is one of the most…

Russia: OMK to construct a valve works

OMK has started realizing the project of localization of imported ball valves for the gas industry with 1400 mm diameter. On the basis of its subsidiary Trubodetal OMK has created the Ural Works of Special Valve Industry. The engineering and design works and the selection of the constructor of the new shop are underway. OMK…

Russia: Gazprom cancels pipe purchase

Gazprom has cancelled a tender to buy $194 million worth of large diameter pipes. The tender presupposed 7 lots to be supplied in Q4 2016 – Q1 2017. The pipes were intended for Gazprom Komplektatsia. The tender was to be held on October 19. In mid-August Gazprom held an auction on LDP purchase for the…

Ukraine: Zaporizhstal represents the country at the European Parliament

Zaporizhstal has represented Ukraine at the European Parliament of Enterprises (Brussels). Representatives of major German, French, Italian, Polish and other companies also participated in the event. Zaporizhstal’s representative was the sales director Vladimir Kolomiets. “Ukrainian economy needs a strong business. And business in its turn needs a strong and consistent governmental policy. In any successful…

Russia: MMK-Metiz expands product range

MMK-Metiz has added a new type of products to its portfolio.

According to the company statement, it has started producing square stock with 7×7 and 8×8 mm sections of 10 and 20 steel grades in rods.

Such rods are used in many industries. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Groysman to meet metal makers in late October 2016

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman will head the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on mining-metallurgical complex on October 24.

Metal companies have also agreed to have separate meetings with power and transport companies. (Ukrainian metal)