Ukraine: VostGOK miners to strike

On June 20 the state enterprise VostGOK Ingulskaya mine was allowed to develop a new zone of uranium ores within the range of the blocks-of-flats in Kropivnitsky. At the same time Smolinskaya mine employees intend to go on a strike. VostGOK has been allowed to work at the site for 10 years, and the company…

Russia: Poland’s Weglokoks plans to import coal

Poland’s Weglokoks plans to import Russian coal. The company has already received consent from the government. Poland produces 80,000-110,000 tons of coal daily, but needs 150,000 tons. As a result, Poland can have an up to 5 million ton shortage in 2017. Weglokoks spokesman Pawel Cyz said that the company was considering various opportunities and…

Russia: RUSAL’s 3 plants in power outages due to power plant failures

Plants of Russian aluminum producer UC RUSAL in the cities of Bratsk, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk have had power outages due to setbacks on the Boguchanskaya GES and Berezovskaya GRES power plant units, the Energy Ministry said in a statement on June 27.

The details are being clarified, the ministry said. (Prime/Ukrainian metal)

CIS: pig iron output down in May 2017

In May Russia produced 4.3 million tons of pig iron, down by 2% YoY. In 5 months pig iron output dropped by 0.6% YoY, to 21.634 million tons. Ukraine in May decreased pig iron manufacture by 31.8% YoY, to 1.53 million tons, with 8.058 million tons produced in January-May, down by 20.9% YoY. Kazakhstan pig…

Uzbekistan: Almalyk improves polymetallic ores processing

In order to improve polymetallic ores processing at the Khandiza deposits, the processing factory has been reconstructed, adding 6 Ts-15 thickeners.

After that Almalyk Mining and Processing Works decided to construct another thickener. The construction is underway.

The new machinery will be put into operation in late August. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: TMK opens first pipe-online shop

The Pipe Metal Company starts beta testing of the TMK eTrade – the first in Russia Internet store to sell pipe products. The store is expected to start functioning in full in September. At present TMK eTrade has the following services: pipe cost calculator based on a number of parameters (type and form, material, diameter,…

Armenia: Lydian Armenia exempt from customs duties

The Armenian government has freed Lydian Armenia, operating at Amulsar deposits, from paying customs duties on the import of equipment and raw materials. According to the minister of economical development and investments Suren Karayan, the company has already invested some 44 billion drams ($90 million). 180 billion drams more will be invested. The cost of…

Russia: VIZ-Stal increases energy efficiency

VIZ-Stal has finished modernization of two machines to produce nitrogen, used in the process of the thermal treatment of metal. The project will increase energy efficiency. Within the project the company replaced two of the three air separation units. The capacity of each new unit is 8 thousand cubic meters of pure nitrogen per hour.…

Russia: Gaysky GOK gets 40 mining machines

Over 40 units of mining machines were delivered to the Gaysky Mining and Processing Works in January-June. In particular, the company received Henkon Siberia machines, Charmec 6605B, Russian and Finnish drilling machines, as well as several dump trucks and load-haul-dump machines. This year Gaysky GOK will spend 1.7 billion rubles on modernizing mining equipment and…

Ukraine: Interpipe raises tyre prices

Interpipe Ukraine LLC has increased tyre prices for Ukrzaliznytsia by 12%.

Lviv Locomotive Repair Plant announced it wanted to conclude a deal with Interpipe for the delivery of tyres valued at 18.96 million UAH (15.8 thousand UAH apiece).

Last year Interpipe sold tyres to Ukrzaliznytsia 12% cheaper. (Ukrainian metal)

Kyrgyzstan: Sulyukta coal to be sold

The Sulyukta coal deposits have been put up for sale. According to the State committee on industry, energy and subsoil use, the starting price of site No. 5 is $3.8 thousand. According to the estimates, the reserves of the deposits are 381190.5 tons. The local site Vostochy has been put up for sale at $6154…