Russia: Amur Zoloto output up in 2018

In 2018 Amur Zoloto mined 1515 kg of gold in Khabarovsk region, up by 2% YoY. In particular, Yubileyniy GOK processed 105 thousand tons of ore and 11 tons of concentrate, producing 1120.4 tons of gold and 685.2 kg of silver. Brekchievaya quarry zone at the Perevalnoye deposit mined 245.4 thousand tons of ore, yielding…

CIS: steel output up in 2018

In December 2018 Russia produced 5.87 million tons of steel, down by 5.9% YoY (5.68 million tons in November 2018). In the whole year steel manufacture increased by 0.3% YoY, to 71.68 million tons. Ukraine, though no longer a part of CIS, decreased steel output in December 2018 by 0.6%, to 1.885 million tons (1.659…

Russia: Evraz KGOK commissions new locomotive

Evraz Kachkanarsky GOK has pit into operation a new electric locomotive NP-1 with two diesel dump cars.

The locomotive has been specifically designed for KGOK and has the higher speed of up to 65 km per hour.

The length of the locomotive is 65 meters and the weight is 360 tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: TMK Chermet scrap procurement share over 9% in 2018

In 2018 TMK Chermet sold over 2 million tons of scrap, flat YoY.

The company share on the local market was 9.28%.

At the same time the share of the regional enterprises in the total procurement grew from 40% to 45%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Kandalaksha Aluminum Works resumes exports to Europe

Kandalaksha Aluminum Works, owned by Rusal, resumes exports to the European market.

Russian aluminum will be coming to Europe through the border with Finland.

According to the customs statistics, for the past 1.5 years the company has not been exporting aluminum to Europe. (Ukrainian metal)

Kazakhstan: Kazchrome output up in 2018

In 2018 Kazchrome mined 480 thousand tons of manganese ore, up from 400 thousand tons in 2017.

Last year the company produced around 150 thousand tons of manganese concentrate, up 1.5-fold YoY.

Another company asset – Aktyubinsk Ferroalloy Works – increased output by 16.7%, to 630 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: EZOTsM to increase exports to Uzbekistan

In late 2018 a delegation of Yekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Works visited Uzbekistan. The members of the company met with the representatives of two mining and processing works, cement manufacturer and continuous basalt fiber enterprise. The latter is already a customer of EZOTsM. The company intends to increase exports to Uzbekistan at least 2-2.5-fold. The…

Russia: MMK smelts 800 million tons of steel

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works turns 87. The birthday of the Russian metal giant is February 1, 1932, when the first pig iron was produced at the first blast furnace. In a year MMK added open-hearth manufacture and started producing steel. In August 1934 the mill-500 was commissioned. In 2018 MMK produced 12.7 million tons…

Armenia: re-launch of Teghut mine possible

The Teghut mine might get re-launched, according to Minister of Economic Development and Investments Tigran Khachatryan. When asked about the chances of Teghut resuming operations, the minister said: “Yes, there is hope, nothing is hindering them to start restoration works after clarifying their relations with the bank,” he said. In 2017, Teghut produced and exported…

Russia: Raspadskaya output up in 2018

In 2018 combined coal output at all Raspadskaya Coal Company LLC enterprises increased by 11%, to 12.7 million tons. In particular, the Raspadsky pit increased mining by 26%, and Raspadskaya-Koksovaya – by 297%. Raspadskaya mine extracted 6 million tons of coal. Coal concentrate sales increased by 7%, to 7.4 million tons. Coal sales grew by…

Ukraine: rolled metal imports up in 2018

In 2018 rolled metal consumption in Ukraine grew by 6.36% YoY, to 5.388 million tons.

Deliveries of domestic companies to the local market went up by 5.37%, to 3.946 million tons.

Imports grew by 10.78%, to 1.442 million tons.

Flat metal dominated over the bars in the import structure (51.05% vs 45.9%). (Ukrainian metal)