Ukraine: Zakarpatvtormet appoints new chairman

The supervisory board of Zakarpatvtormet (Uzhgorod) has appointed Alexander Alyanoy the chairman of the board, dismissing the acting chairman Vasily Yurichko.

Ukraine: Ukrvtorchermet appoints new CEO

The supervisory board of Ukrvtorchermet (Kiev) has appointed Natalia Gorelova the chairman of the board and CEO and dismissed the acting chairman/CEO Vladimir Prilipko.

Ukraine: Cabinet of Ministers to talk to metal companies

Metinvest reports the Cabinet of Ministers plans to have a meeting with metal companies on the mining-metallurgical industry problems.

Ukraine: VAT non-reimbursement is an indirect exports tax

Non-reimbursement of VAT to exporters serves as an indirect exports tax in Ukraine.

Ukraine: shady company to get 300+ million UAH for coal

Ukraine has enough coal for 45-50 days, says the minister for energy and coal industry Vladimir Demchyshin, and soon imported coal would arrive that would stabilize the situation.

Ukraine: Centravis transforms its business

Centravis Production Ukraine increases efficiency and productivity despite negative trends on the market.

Ukraine: UGOK concentrate output up in January-November 2015

In January-November Yuzhny Mining and Processing Works produced 10.48 million tons of iron ore concentrate, up by 2.5% YoY.

Ukraine: UGOK buys a new watering machine

Yuzhny Mining and Processing Works has purchased a new watering machine (giant) on the basis of BelAZ 45-ton truck for 8 million UAH.

Ukraine: Kolomoisky sees three ways to settle matters with Pinchuk

Co-owner of the Privat group Igor Kolomoisky believes there are three ways the High Court of Justice could take in the matter of Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Industrial Complex.

Ukraine: Metinvest to start antidumping against rolled metal from China

Metinvest plans to initiate an antidumping investigation as to galvanized and polymeric-coated rolled metal, produced in China.

Ukraine: domestic steel market to grow in 2016

Metinvest-SMC, the Metinvest metal center network, believes rolled metal consumption in 2016 would increase by 2.6% YoY, to 3.35 million tons.

Ukraine: Azovstal results for January-November 2015

In January-November Azovstal Iron and Steel Works, a part of Metinvest, produced 2.76 million tons of rolled metal, down by 8.6% YoY.

Ukraine: Ukrstalkonstruktsiya starts buying Metinvest metal with double certificates

Ukrstalkonstruktsiya started purchasing rolled metal with double certificates (according to GOST and European standards) from Metinvest, said the company CEO Vladimir Nosov.

Ukraine: metal companies to take advantage of Russia’s sanctions against Turkey

On December 1, Russia prohibited to import certain goods from Turkey. And Ukraine could be a winner in this situation, if Turkey implements sanctions in response.

Ukraine: DSS took part in Midest

In November Dneprospetsstal for the first time took part in the largest industrial exhibition in France – Midest. Each year the exhibition welcomes some 42 thousand visitors from world metal manufacturers and consumers. This year Midest hosted 1600 companies from 39 countries.

Ukraine: CGOK finishes indurating machine repairs

The Central Mining and Processing Works, a part of Metinvest, has finished the planned repairs of the indurating machine at the pelletizing factory.

Ukraine: AMKR employees to sue their management

Soon ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih employees will file a suit against massive firings in the repair shop.

Ukraine: DMKD to decrease pollution

In October Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works named after Dzerzhinsky started a unique overhaul – that of sintering machine #12, that was put into operation in 1963.

Ukraine: metal consumption, export and import down in January-September 2015

In January-September Ukrainian metal companies decreased their domestic sales by 21.7% YoY, to 1.96 million tons (13.1% of the total output) from 2.5 million tons (13.3%) in January-September 2014.

Ukraine: metal output down in January-November 2015

Ukraine’s steel production fell by 17% in 11 months, to 21 million tons, mostly due to the military conflict in the east of the country where most of its steel plants are based.

Metals of Ukraine & Russia: reinforcement steel (ordinary steel), October 2015

Ukraine: Metinvest to supply iron ore to Alchevsk and Donetskstal

Metinvest supplies iron ore raw materials to Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works and Donetskstal.

Ukraine: Metinvest CEO waves monopoly accusations

Metinvest group CEO Yuri Ryzhenkov said it was at least incorrect to speak about monopoly on the iron ore raw materials market of Ukraine.