Russia: Russian Platinum results for January-August 2017

The Amur artel obtained 942 kg of platinum, including 276 kg in August.

The Amur Zoloto ore deposits yielded 727.2 kg of gold and 481 kg of silver.

The Buor and Ulakhan alluvial gold sites produced 295 kg of gold.

The total gold output in January-August reached 1028.6 kg. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ferrous metals throughput in seaports down in January-August 2017

In January-August the throughput of Russian seaports increased by 10.4% YoY, to 517.3 million tons.

According to the Association of sea trade ports, coal throughput totaled 102.7 million tons, up by 15%, while that of ferrous metals – 18.7 million tons, down by 1.5%. (Ukrainian metal)

Azerbaijan: Azeraluminium manufacture to improve

Azerbaijan’s State Property Issues Committee and the Ministry of Economy prepared proposals for the improvement of Azeraluminium JSC. This was stated in a report on evaluation of the results of implementing the Strategic Road Map for the development of heavy industry and machinery in Azerbaijan. The prepared proposals also include the possibility of granting deferral…

Russia: Susumanzoloto obtains 3.9 tons of gold

As of September 10, the Susumanzoloto enterprises obtained 3966.8 kg of gold on the territory of Magadan region. In particular, Electrum plus yielded 357.8 kg of gold. Drazhnik LLC obtained 1278 kg of alluvial gold, Karyer Chelbanya LLC – 292.2 kg, Chay-Urya Gold LLC – 643.8 kg, Astra LLC – 346.3 kg, Gerba LLC –107.1…

Russia: Petropavlovsk net profits up in H1 2017

In January-June Petropavlovsk received 1.4 billion rubles ($24.5 million) of net profits, up 2.7-fold. Revenue increased by 19.7%, to 17.38 billion rubles ($304 million). EBITDA grew by 30% YoY, to 6.52 billion rubles ($114 million), despite the strengthening of the ruble, which increases Russian gold miners’ expenses when converting to dollars. Gold output in H1…

Russia: coal exports to Asia to increase

In 2017 Russian coal exports to the Asia-Pacific Region countries will exceed $5 billion. The share of coking coals will reach 25% against 18% in 2014. Coal transportation through Far Eastern ports in 2016 totaled 60%, up from 46% in 2009. 88% of Russian coalmining companies expect an increase in world coal prices in 2017.…

Ukraine: state mines not to receive help in 2018

The state budget for the year 2018 does not provide for the subsidies to state coalmines. “Subsidies for mines are not stipulated in the 2018 budget project”, the minister of finances Alexander Danilyuk said. The chairman of the Donetsk military-civilian regional state administration Pavel Zhebrivsky in early June said that by autumn 2018 all the…