Ukraine: Dneprometiz changes board of directors

Dneprometiz has changed the board of directors. According to the company statement, the chairman of the board Sergey Kovryakov, as well as members of the board Andrei Zyshov, Vitaly Palabugin and Sergey Vinogradov resigned. Victoria Zinkevich and Oleg Zheltkov have been appointed instead. In 2016 Dneprometiz received 34.73 million UAH of profits as opposed to…

Russia: Izhstal repairs steel-smelting complex

Izhstal has finished repairing the steel-smelting complex, producing continuous-cast billet of a wide range of steel grades. The complex produces cast billets of structural, alloyed, stainless, speed, bearing and spring steel. Its capacity is 300 thousand tons per year. It produces 80% of all the liquid steel manufactured at the works. The steel-smelting complex consists…

Russia: Zarechnaya mine to change owner

Dmitry Bosov, together with his partners actively developing coal business, could obtain a problem asset in Kuzbass – the Zarechnaya company with the reserves of some 400 million tons of power-generating coal. The Trade-Industrial Union LLC, connected with the Razrez Kiyzasskiy of the managing company Vostokugol (owned by Bosov and Alexander Isaev), has purchased debts…

Ukraine: Mirnogradugol buys fuel

Mirnogradugol has ordered DTK-Trading LLC the delivery of fuel valued at 10.89 million UAH. In particular the company has ordered 225 liters of A-92 Euro petrol at 25.2 UAH per liter and 225 liters of Euro-3 diesel fuel at 23.2 UAH per liter. In 2015-2016 DTK-Trading received orders from Selidovugol and Mirnogradugol for 57.91 million…

Azerbaijan: AzerGold buys crucibles for non-ferrous metals smelting

AzerGold is looking for suppliers of crucibles for non-ferrous metals smelting.

The cost of the participation in the competition is 100 manats. The company is accepting offers until December 13. The tender procedure will be carried out on December 14.

AzerGold was created on February 11, 2015. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Mechel losses up in January-September 2017

In January-September the net losses of Mechel doubled YoY, to 11.71 billion rubles.

Revenue dropped 2.2-fold, to 5.12 billion rubles, gross profit decreased 5.2-fold, to 2.19 billion rubles.

Sales profits fell 9.5-fold, to 1.06 billion rubles.

In H1 Mechel net profit decreased by 40% YoY, to 4.994 billion rubles. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Lviv mine collapses

A cave-in happened at the Lesnaya mine at the depth of 830 m.

According to the Lviv regional state administration Lesnaya mine of the state enterprise Lvivugol is situated in the village of Silets.

“Three employees, local dwellers, were injured”, the administration noted.

They have been brought to the hospital. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Severstal sells Dneprometiz

Severstal has announced that is daughter company Cambay Services Ltd has completed the deal to sell 100% of Dealzone Holding Ltd, owner of 98.6% in Dneprometiz. The sale of Dneprometiz will allow improving the efficiency of Severstal-Metiz and increasing the group profitability. The company is not disclosing the deal conditions or the buyer of its…