Ukraine: EMSS losses down in 2017

In 2017 Energomashspetsstal received 930.56 million UAH of losses, down by 38% YoY. According to the company information, since the beginning of the current year its uncovered losses totaled 7.89 billion UAH (7.013 billion UAH in 2017). In 2016 EMSS decreased losses 2-fold YoY, to 1.498 billion UAH. Last year the company assets dropped slightly…

Russia: Natalka to yield 5 tons of gold

Mine named after Matrosov, a part of Polyus, plans this year to mine 5 tons of gold at the Natalkinskoye deposits in Magadan region. When the project reaches its full capacity, the output will total 12 tons per year. Together with other enterprises, Natalka could bring the combines gold output of the region to 40…

Russia: Stoylensky GOK gets newest drilling rig

A new drilling rig began operating in the Stoylensky Mining and Processing Works quarry.

It has been purchased under the renovation program to replace outdated machinery.

The efficiency of the new rig is 7% higher.

The new machine also boasts increased lifetime of 2 years and decreased terms of repairs. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Evraz NTMK sales down in January-February 2018

In February Evraz NTMK decreased railroad sales of rolled metal by 6.1% YoY, to 280.2 thousand tons.

In January-February sales dropped by 12.7%, to 586 thousand tons.

In particular, supplies to domestic consumers decreased by 7.5%, to 289.2 thousand tons, and for export – by 17.2%, to 296.8 thousand tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Kurchenko becomes the sole coal supplier from occupied territories

Gaz-Alliance, controlled by the renegate businessman Sergey Kurchenko, has been appointed the only supplier of coal from the Kiev-uncontrolled territories. According to Vladislav Brig, a member of the so-called People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a terrorist organization created and supported by Russia, on March 14 the Russian Ministry of economic development prohibited the…

Russia: Raspadskaya net profit up in 2017

In 2017 Raspadskaya received $319 million of net profit, up 1.7-fold YoY.

According to the company statement, its revenue grew 1.7-fold, to $868 million.

The gross profit reached $459 million, up 2.2-fold YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: metal exports down in February 2018

In February metal exports from Ukraine dropped by 5.5% MoM, to 638.6 thousand tons.

According to the state enterprise Derzhzovnishinform, revenue decreased by 4.4%, to $828.8 million.

In January revenue from metal exports was $867 million. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: platinum output up in January-February 2018

In January-February Russia increased raw and semi-raw platinum output by 5% YoY, and silver – by 48%.

According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, in February platinum output grew by 3% YoY, and silver – by 3.3%.

As to January platinum manufacture increased by 56.9% and silver – by 51.3%. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Kuzbass coal output up in February 2018

In February Kuzbass mined 12.6 million tons of coal, up by 5.9% YoY. Underground output totaled 6.9 million tons, down by 6.2%. Coking coal mining reached 5.5 million tons, up by 3.8%, and power-generating coal – 14 million, up by 6.9%. In January-February Kuzbass yielded 38.6 million tons of coal, up by 3.5%. Factories processed…

Russia: flat rolled metal exports up in January 2018

In January Russia exported 711.6 thousand tons of flat unalloyed rolled metal, up by 1.6% MoM and by 17.8% YoY.

According to the customs statistics, revenue grew by 3.5% MoM and by 41% YoY, to $421 million.

The largest importer in January was Turkey (23.4%), followed by Iran (7.4%) and Poland (6.8%). (Ukrainian metal)