Ukraine: Zaporozhogneupor output up in November 2017

In November Zaporozhogneupor increased output of all its molded refractories: magnesia, chamotte and high-aluminous wares. In particular, the company produced 10.6 thousand tons of molded refractories: 4.8 thousand tons of magnesia refractories, 4.8 thousand tons of chamotte refractories and 1.6 thousand tons of high-aluminous wares. In January-November Zaporozhogneupor produced 93.8 thousand tons of molded refractories,…

Russia: Profil-Akras produces 10.4 thousand tons of pipes in November 2017

In November the Profil-Akras pipe works produced 10.4 thousand tons of pipes.

Last month the company supplied 13.1 thousand tons of pipes to its customers. In particular, 2.4 thousand tons were exported. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: MMK to pay dividends for Q3 2017

Shareholders of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works decided to pay dividends for the operation in Q3 in the amount of 1.111 rubles per ordinary share. The total amount is around $209 million, or 59% of the company funds. This corresponds to the dividend profit of 2.5%. The shareholders entitled to receive dividends will be…

Russia: Tulachermet to get special crane

Following the construction of a ladle crane for Evraz ZSMK, Uralmashzavod is working on a special crane for Tulachermet.

The machinery will be used at the new iron and steel works being built in the city of Tula.

For Tulachermet-Steel Uralmashzavod has already produced 10 cranes. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: VSMPO-Avisma to have profit tax cut

The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region and the VSMPO-Avisma Corporation have concluded a special investment contract until 2023. According to the agreement the corporation will carry out modernization of its rolling complex in the city of Verkhyaya Salda valued at over 1.2 billion rubles. Following the modernization new jobs will be created and the titanium…

Russia: Evraz ZSMK assembling ladle crane

Evraz ZSMK has started assembling a new ladle crane in its converter shop No. 2. The machinery has been produced by Uralmashzavod. The representatives of the customer were present at the machine-building works during the control assembly and testing. The machinery works faultless. The main units of the crane have been shipped to Evraz ZSMK.…