Russia: MMK showcases environmental policy in action

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) has published a video titled “MMK – Caring About the Future” describing its environmental efforts. The six-minute video presents the results of MMK’s environmental activities in the past few years in a clear and simple way, and outlines the company’s mid-term environmental plans. The video summarizes an enormous amount…

Russia: coal railroad transportation down in May 2018

In May the Northern Railroads transported 5.114 million tons of cargo, up by 3.1% YoY.

In particular, ferrous metals transportation increased by 2.6%, to 3.9 million tons.

Scrap transportation dropped by 4%, to 0.3 million tons, while that of coal decreased by 26%, to 1.3 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: UGOK output down in May 2018

In May Yuzhniy Mining and Processing Works decreased concentrate output by 0.2% YoY, to 1.042 million tons. According to the company statement, sinter manufactured dropped by 0.9%, to 151.6 thousand tons. In January-May UGOK produced 5054.2 thousand tons of concentrate and 806.5 thousand tons of sinter, down by 0.6%, but up by 8.6% YoY respectively.…

Ukraine: IrGOK buys Toyota Highlander

Irshansk Mining and Processing Works has ordered Star-car LLC a car valued at 1.25 million UAH.

The company will supply Toyota Highlander (Elegance).

Star-car received the order without competition.

The expected price was 1.3 million UAH. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: coal mining up in January-May 2018

In January-May Russia mined 176.17 million tons of coal, up by 5.5% YoY. SUEK companies contributed 47.25 million tons, up by 1.8%. Kuzbassrazrezugol mined 17.78 million tons, down by 5.5%. It is followed by SDS-Ugol with 10.82 million tons, up by 6.2%. Vostsibugol extracted 6.13 million tons, up by 11.7%. In 5 months Russia exported…

Ukraine: EU stops antidumping investigation on ferroalloys

The European Commission has stopped the antidumping investigation of the imports of ferrosilicon with Ukrainian origin.

Following the investigation, Ukrainian products will not be affected by antidumping duties on the EU market.

In 2017 Ukraine exported $54.7 million worth of ferrosilicon to EU, up by $17.8 million YoY. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: MMK celebrates Environment Day

Russia marked Environment Day on June 5 – an important date for Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK), as the company annually invests billions of rubles in environmental activities. Employees of MMK’s environmental laboratory, created three decades ago, celebrated their professional holiday. Ongoing reduction of the plant’s environmental impact and adoption of the best available…

Russia: NLMK “Steel Tree” environmental volunteer program wins international competition

NLMK Group, a global steel company, has won the “Ecological culture. Peace and Harmony” international competition, held by the Vernadsky Non-governmental Ecological Foundation. NLMK Group’s “Steel Tree” volunteer program came first in the “Social initiatives aimed at promoting an ecological culture” category. The competition was established in 2012. It promotes successful corporate and private initiatives…