Russia: Trubodetal commissions line to apply silicate-enamel coating

Trubodetal has successfully mastered the manufacture of pipeline joint parts with silicate-enamel coating.

Such joints can withstand high temperature and their service life is 50 years.

Pipes and joints with silicate-enamel coating are used to transport oil with high hydrogen sulfide content. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: MMK output down in Q1 2019

In January-March, MMK decreased steel output by 1.3% YoY and by 0.2% QoQ, to 3.107 million tons. Pig iron manufacture decreased by 0.3% YoY and by 6.3% QoQ, to 2.396 million tons. Sales dropped to 2.782 million tons, by 5.2% QoQ and by 1.6% YoY. High added value products sales in Q1 remained almost on…

Ukraine: AMKR provides 10 million UAH for reconstruction of the parkway along Metalurgiv Avenue

Several days ago, contractual organizations started the reconstruction process of the parkway along Metalurgiv Avenue, from the intersection of Sobornosti Str. and Metalurgiv Avenue to the intersection of the avenue and Vadima Hurova Str. Yurii Vilkul, Kriviy Rih Mayor, representatives of the contractual organizations, and Yuliia Chermazovich, Head of the Charitable Foundation of ArcelorMittal Kriviy…

Ukraine: KZhRK iron ore output down in Q1 2019

In January-March, Krivoy Rog Iron Ore Industrial Complex mined 1.005 million tons of ore, down by 17.9% YoY.

In March the output totaled 353 thousand tons, up from 283 thousand tons in February.

In 2018 the enterprise decreased iron ore output by 9.7% YoY, to 4.581 million tons. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Chukotka coal output down in Q1 2019

In January-March, Chukotka Autonomous District mined 110 thousand tons of coal, down by 40% YoY. The decrease has to do with the scheduled drop in mining at the Fandyushkinskoye deposit. In 3 months Beringpromugol LLC, operating at the deposit, mined 76.9 thousand tons of coal, down by 45% YoY. The second coalminer – Shakhta Ugolnaya…

Russia: EC investigating ferrosilicon supplies

The European Commission has started another investigation of ferrosilicon imports from China and Russia. The previous antidumping duties, imposed in April 2014, have expired. The initiative to start a new investigation came from Euroalliages. The association believes that the cancellation of duties will result in new dumping deliveries and damages to the European companies. Duties…

Russia: VIZ-Stal sales up in Q1 2019

In January-March, VIZ-Stal produced 43 thousand tons of transformer steel, on par with Q1 2018.

Capacities were 100% loaded.

Sales grew by 5%, to 43 thousand tons.

Exports accounted for 87% of sales. The key markets were India, Near East and North America. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: ChTPZ gets MKB loan

Moscow Loan Bank and ChTPZ Group have signed a loan agreement of 4 billion rubles.

The funds will be provided for 3 years.

The parties have been cooperating since 2014.

This year the bank decided to enlarge cooperation with the group. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: NLMK to keep rebars market share

In 2018 NLMK Bars Division increased sales by 11% YoY. Demand growth was expected at 1-2%, but actually totaled 5.6%. The group enterprises supplied 1.8 million tons of rebars and 763 thousand tons of steel billets to the domestic market. This year NLMK Bars Division intends to retain its share of the rebars market on…

Russia: metal output in Q1 2019

In January-March, Russia produced 15.2 million tons of rolled metal, up by 0.7% YoY. In March output grew by 3% MoM, but dropped by 5% YoY. According to the Federal Service of State Statistics, pig iron manufacture decreased by 1%, to 12.9 million tons, with March results down by 5.4% YoY, but up by 1%…

Ukraine: miner dies at Pokrovskoye Mine Group

A cave-in occurred at the Pokrovskoye Mine Group.

As a result, one miner perished and two were injured.

The accident happened in the ventilation shaft.

Pokrovskoye Mine Group is the largest miner of coking coal in Ukraine. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: coal imports from Russia up in Q1 2019

In January-March, the share of coal imports from Russia reached 64.45%. According to the State Fiscal Service, the value of the coal imported was $476.9 million. US supplied $212.5 million worth of coal (28.72%) and Kazakhstan – $31 million (4.2%). At the same time, Ukraine purchased $19.5 million worth of coal from other countries (2.63%).…

Russia: ITZ confirms QMS correspondence to API requirements

Izhorsky Pipe Works has successfully passed an audit of its quality management system correspondence to the API standard.

The certificate, received by the company, allows marking its products with an API logo.

The document also confirms the high level of the ITZ QMS, which covers all the stages of large diameter pipes manufacture. (Ukrainian metal)