Russia: metal output up in 2017

In 2017 Russia produced 60.9 million tons of rolled metal, up by 0.7% YoY. According to the Federal Service of State Statistics (Rosstat), in December 2017 output grew by 13.9% MoM and by 1.2% YoY. In 2017 pig iron output increased by 0.55% YoY, to 52.2 million tons, with December 2017 results up by 2.3%…

Armenia: Lydian’s gold mine pre-operationally certified under ICMC

Lydian Armenia announced on January 24 that Lydian International’s Amulsar Gold Mine in Armenia has been pre-operationally certified in compliance with the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC/Cyanide Code). Lydian’s Amulsar Project is the first project worldwide to receive Pre-operational certification since revisions to the Code, published in 2016 – following amendments to the Code, and…

Ukraine: Lviv-Volyn basin stops shipping coal

The state enterprise Lvivugol has reported on the complete halt of coal purchases from the Lviv-Volyn region. Since September 2015 there has been a mechanism of mutual purchases of coal between Centerenergo and DTEK. To decrease transportation costs Centerenergo bought coal from DTEK Pavlogradugol and DTEK Dobropolyeugol, while the coal from the Lviv-Volyn basin was…

Ukraine: illegally mined coal to be sold in Africa

The so-called Ministry of coal and energy of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a terrorist organization created and supported by Russia, is actively seeking sales markets for coal mined on the occupied territory of the region.

In particular, the DPR representatives are trying to establish sales to Africa. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Polymetal gold output up in 2017

Gold output of precious metals producer Polymetal International rose by 21% YoY, to 1.075 million ounces, while silver production decreased by 8%, to 26.8 million ounces in 2017, it said in a statement on January 24. Total output in gold equivalent grew by 13% YoY, to 1.433 million ounces, overshooting the production plan by 2%.…

Russia: Zabaykalye coal output up in 2017

Coal output in Zabaykalye region last year reached 21.3 million tons, up by 2.4% YoY.

According to the regional Ministry of Nature, Razrez Tugnuysky, Razrez Kharanorsky, Priargunskoye Mining and Chemical Enterprise, Chitaugol and Arctic Developments are the leaders of the industry.

In 2016 the region mined 20.8 million tons of coal. (Ukrainian metal)

Russia: Amurmetal to increase output in 2018

In 2017 Amurmetal produced 187 thousand tons of metal. This year the company intends to manufacture 1 million tons. To do this a two-stage modernization will be carried out. First, in February the company will modernize its rolling mill, which will increase its capacity to 700 thousand tons. During the second stage, in September, Amurmetal…

Ukraine: DSS thief fined for mere 850 UAH

A Dneprospetstal employee tried to take 20 grinding disks from the works, but was detained by the security at the exit.

The discs are valued at 1287 UAH.

The Zaporozhye district court punished the employee with a fine of 850 UAH. (Ukrainian metal)

Ukraine: Interpipe changes structure

Interpipe decided to change the business management model. From now on the company is divided into steel, pipe and railroad divisions. Steel products division includes Interpipe Steel, Interpipe Vtormet, the Lime Factory, as well as subdivisions of scrap purchase and steel billet sales. Andrei Korotkov, Interpipe Steel commercial director, has been appointed CEO of the…

Russia: AMZ insolvent

The arbitrary court of the Sverdlovsk region will decide on announcing the Alapayevsk Iron and Steel Works insolvent. A respective claim was submitted on January 22 by an individual claiming 1.191 billion rubles from the company. Alapayevsk Iron and Steel Works has been operating since the 18th century and specializes in the manufacture of blast…